He government of spain made it official in the last few hours that it is finalizing the second call for help from the Youth Cultural Bonus. This benefit, launched for the first time last year, aims to bring young people closer to the world of culture. Likewise, it also seeks to give new life to this sector, one of those that suffered most from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19.

The recipients of this aid are people who will reach the age of majority in this 2023. The Executive will grant a bonus of 400 euros that will be divided into three specific pillars. Likewise, applicants must meet a series of specific requirements to have access to this benefit.

What is the Youth Cultural Bonus?

First of all, it is necessary to define what this aid is and what it consists of, aimed at bringing young people closer to culture. Launched in 2022, according to government data, the benefit was granted in 273,000 cases, reaching 56% of beneficiaries of this aid. For one year, young people who know the 18 years have a paycheck 400 euros to invest in products and/or services directly related to the world of culture.

The process by which this money is received is as follows: after granting the aid, there is a one-time payment of the 400 euros, which will be included in a prepaid virtual card. One detail must be taken into account, which is nominal. Likewise, it is worth noting that it has an expiration date, as they must be spent during the 12 months after granting the Youth Cultural Bonus.

The payment, divided into different fields

To access the granting of this type of state aid, young applicants must have turned 18 by 2023, must have Spanish nationality, have legal residence or, on the contrary, those who apply for asylum or protection legally. temporary.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the payment of this bonus has other types of requirements, such as the distribution of expenses in the different products and services that make up the world of culture in Spain. According to what the Governmentthis is how it was configured:

  • 200 euros for “living arts, cultural heritage and audiovisual arts”. This would be the case for tickets to artistic shows, such as theater or dance, cinema, live music, museums or libraries.
  • 100 euros for physical products. The clearest examples of this, books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, CDs, disks or video games.
  • 100 euros for what is considered digital or online consumption. The most relevant examples that the Government These are music, reading or audio-reading subscriptions and rentals, or audiovisual platforms, purchase of audiobooks, purchase of digital books (e-books), subscription to download multimedia files (podcasts), subscription to online video games, digital subscription to press , magazines or other periodicals.

How to apply for the Youth Cultural Bonus 2023

Another of the most interesting details that should be highlighted about the Youth Cultural Bonus in 2023 It has, and a lot, to do with the ways in which it can be applied. As the state body pointed out, there are even two ways in which young people who reach the age of majority this year can request the aid, as was done in the first public notice:

  • “In person. On the Youth Cultural Bonusthere is an option to request the Bonus through Correspondenceby means of a form that must be completed, signed, printed and presented at the Post Office together with the Official Identity Document (DNI, NIE or Residence Card)”.
  • “Online. For those who are over 18 years old, enabled identification with Digital Certificate (the Individual of FNMT-RCM) or Cl@ve. For minors under 18, identification with Cl@ve with advance registration.