He Chapter 4 in Resident Evil 4 remake has some puzzles that consist of pressing buttons with some symbols very peculiar in some altars. In this part of our Resident Evil 4 remake guide we tell you what are the symbols It is which buttons to press. All the details below:

How to solve Resident Evil 4 remake chapter 4 puzzles? What buttons do you have to push?

Essentially, Chapter 4 of the Resident Evil 4 remake asks us to get the church key to go back there and rescue Ashley. We are on the Lake, a huge area that we can explore at our leisure thanks to a small boat. What should we do in the area isbasically, complete two puzzles consisting of pressing three specific buttons in each puzzle, collect the respective key objects that we received and take them to the place where the key to the Church is located To get the. Step by step:

Map with the sites that we must explore to complete the area
  1. wall cave. It is here that the church badge. We have to return to this location having in our possession the Head of the Apostate and the Head of the Blasphemer, two key objects that we obtain by solving the two puzzles of the altars.
  2. Cave Altar. This is where you get the Boss of Apostate to solve the riddle.
  3. altar cave. This is where you get the blasphemer’s head to solve the riddle.

In the two areas where the altars are, we will see symbols painted with yellow paint that appear to be unique to each player.whereby there is no fixed solutionotherwise we have to write as they are, or take a picture or capture them. This is an example of one of the symbols:

This is one of the possible symbols that appear in the area, and that indicates one of the buttons that must be pressed on this altar.

Also there are some symbols that can only be seen fully by putting ourselves in a very specific way, since they play with perspective. We have to go to specific places in each area to be able to see them well and thus understand what that specific symbol whose button we have to press looks like.

This is one of the symbols that can only be seen correctly by placing us at a specific point, as it is divided in half

On both the Cave Altar and the Cave Altar there are three different symbols scattered and painted in each area. These three symbols represent which buttons we should press in each case on the altars with buttons that are in each of the two areas.

Altars have buttons with symbols. We discover the buttons to press by seeing which symbols are in each area

In short: what you have to do in this area is the following:

  1. Let’s go Cave Altar. We clear the area of ​​​​enemies so that they do not bother us, We explore the cave and note how the three symbols are different that we will see in the area. Press the buttons with these symbols at the altar and we got the Apostate Boss.
  2. Let’s go altar cave. We took a good look around the area to understand what the three symbols look likeIt is press the buttons with these symbols at the altar to take the head of the blasphemer.
  3. With the two main items in our possession, We return to the Cueva del Muralwhere we use the Apostate’s Head and the Blasphemer’s Head as keys on the hand statues to get it church badge.
After solving the two puzzles, obtaining the Heads and returning to the Mural Cave, we get the Church Badge

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