Published: 2023-04-04T13:00:07

updated: 2023-04-04T13:00:10

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple players looking to participate in the Ditto’s Tera-raid event will need a little help learning their counters.

Unlike other Tera attacks, Ditto’s difficulty changes based on the Pokémon the host is bringing. That’s because Ditto transforms into the host’s Pokémon, copying its stats, moves, and abilities.

This means Ditto can range from an extreme challenge to a walk in the park, but it all comes down to the host. The host is the person who found the Tera-Raid in their game and invited others to participate via local co-op in the online game.

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And since Ditto will appear in Teraids more frequently this weekend, these are the Pokemon the host should bring to make every match incredibly easy.

When will Ditto appear in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple Teraids?

Ditto will start appearing in Teraids more frequently from April 7th and it will end 9th April at 01:59 peninsular time. Event attacks will appear with a white swirl around them on the game map, and a large number of these attacks should appear simultaneously.

Ditto can be any Tera-type, and all event attacks will be five stars. Ditto event raids are also guaranteed to have at least five perfect stats, and there’s a good chance players will find a variant with six.

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Best counters for Ditto

As mentioned above, the Ditto’s difficulty in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple Teraids depends on the Pokémon the host brings. As such, here are three Pokemon that could be very good options.


Bringing a level 1 Magikarp into a Ditto Tera raid is by far the best strategy. It has incredibly low base stats, which can be made worse by poor IVs and a hasty/gullible nature. And to top it off, it finds Splash, a move that literally does nothing.


Sunkern is also a very good choice for Teraids, as it has the lowest basic stat total in the entire Paldea regional Pokédex. It has a little more HP and Special Defense than Magikarp, but it’s not as useless. Players can teach their Reinforcement Sunkern, Sunny Day or Rain Dance to support their fellow Trainers.

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Our third and final option to face Ditto is Wiglett. It has lousy HP, Defense, and Special Defense stats, making it one of the easiest Pokemon to KO. But the host can still use Boost and Rain Dance to support their team as they crush the gelatinous Pokemon.

That’s all you need to easily defeat Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple! As you can see, it’s a very different strategy than other Tera raids, but I’m sure you’ll find it fun.