‘euphoria’ catapulted her to fame, but the actress Hunter Schafer He has so much more to say to the world. The new perfume ambassador’Angel Elixir’ by Mugler is discovered as a versatile artist whose path has just begun…

You are the impressive host”, vents a marveled road (Zendaya) for Jules (Hunter Schafer) at the ‘Euphoria’ chapter six Halloween party. Schafer makes his grand entrance marked with two large angel wings which, seen today, have a halo of premonition. Or sleep.

Dream like the one that for years he claims to have had Casey Cadwallader, creative director of mugler, Who knows if, upon seeing precisely that scene, he wanted above all that the actress was “our ‘angel'”, he says, referring to the most emblematic perfume of the house, which presents a new version after 30 years of success, Angel Elixir.

Today -sometimes dreams come true-, the fragrance finds its face precisely in her, “that woman full of energy and creativity that transmits positivity to everything it touches”, as the designer describes.

Who is Hunter Schafer, the total artist

And what are Hunter Schafer’s (New Jersey, 1998) dreams? Long before “having taken the interpretation train”, When defining her opportunity on the series that catapulted her to stardom, her first passions were draw, illustrate and paint, “The first language I learned to speak artistically and that I want to take up again, without a doubt”, she says convinced.

Of Schafer it can be said that he is like a renaissance artist in generation Z version, for all the styles he plays, and although he touched heaven with ‘Euphoria’, he doesn’t intend to stop there. whoever it was model When she finishes secondary school, and she continues to do so on fashion shows for major brands, she plans to enroll in a fashion school, “but my agency sent me to a casting, was ‘Euphoria’, and the series had a snowball effect in the right direction”.

Accustomed to stepping on the catwalks with other people’s designs, at first “acting was really scary for me, because it wasn’t something I had in mind, although I ended up falling in love with it and I feel like I do now a very special artistic relationship with the profession”, he acknowledges.

It is art in the fullest sense of the term that Hunter Schafer fantasizes about at the age of 24. Art in a version for the big screen, “where I move away from television and can show other facets of myself through representation”, namely in the prequel to ‘The Hunger Games, The Ballad of the Singing Birds’ and snakes, and ‘cuckoo’, a scary one where the spanish woman also works Greta Fernandez, waiting for the debut of the two in 2023.

An art that he already practiced at the age of 18, when published illustrations unrecognized newbie blog and that he intends to resume in a series of paintings “very soon”, he says. and art in the form of a dance, that he doesn’t rule out investigating in the future: “Maybe it’s something I do in another life, or in a movie, but i dream of dancing And I think it would be fun to dive into that for a year.”

There aren’t many trans people in the media, so I call attention

schaffer hunter

In addition to being a 21st century Leonardo Da Vinci, Hunter Schafer has a prominent social role. Last year Time Magazine included in your list of 100 emerging leaders who are shaping the future, it’s not in vain an LGBTQIA+ icon that he assumes his role as something very natural. “I think it’s okay to say that I am an object of public attention because I am a trans person that’s too young. Not many in the media and Gen Z finds itself in a sociopolitical space where we are primed for it. That’s why I feel very grateful to live in a time when someone like me can develop his professional career. This does not mean that we are represented one hundred percent, but I can say that I witnessed a great transformation. And it keeps happening!”

Hunter Schafer: fashion, beauty, perfume and more

Hunter Schafer unites art and social activism the taste for fashion. Of course he is recognized as a fan of Thierry Mugler, “A designer who has been very educational for me as part of my artistic identity across all collections for years and years and during the current Casey Cadwallader period.”

De la Marca has been seen on numerous red carpets, though not just -in Vanity Fair Oscar Party this year, she wore a skimpy feather-shaped top Ann Demeulemeester for example-, since interpreting for them is part of their personality, one more experience to bring out your more scenic side, admit. Which doesn’t take away from its opposite, that is, “every day I dress less and less, but that’s also cool. Taking care of comfort is another way of taking care of fashion”, she explains.

the fragrances they also touch the actress closely for their aesthetic vision: “My first experience with them was to observe their ornate containers, beautiful sculptures that store aromas around the house. Then I got to the perfumes of my sisters and my mother”. Late, but never, because today he also knows the power of a fragrance, that of ‘Angel Elixir’, which serves to underline “the duality of femininity, its complexity, with bright ingredients and more woody and intense ones that reflect what I feel in my own skin”.

Stepping back from the spotlight, runways and red carpets, Hunter Schafer brings out his most personal side in simple pleasures of life more similar to those of ordinary mortals than those of the Muglerian angel to whom he gives a face. “Now I see ‘Game of thrones’ for the first time and it’s having an impact on me, I’m really enjoying it!” she says.

Advance? That a day is bad for the actress comes down to something as natural as “lack of access to caffeine or coffee”, and, to be good, it just needs to do what it calls photosynthesis: “Expose yourself to the sun for at least half an hour. I swear it has a wonderful effect on me.”

The original fragrance’Angel’ by Thierry Mugler was born in 1992 with a vocation to break the molds of perfumery, as it introduced a new category, that of gourmand or sweet aromas. In 2023 arrives’Angel Elixir’, Perfume by Hunter Schafer, which has a creamier side, with spices and touches of white flower, sandalwood and vanilla.

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