Colombia was the place chosen by Jesús Calleja to interview Laura Londoño on his Planeta Calleja program, while he showed her the filming set, the coffee plantations of the telenovela he stars in, his new song and even some confessions from those who didn’t go. no one indifferent.

Laura Londoño was the protagonist of the program in which the actress from woman scented coffee (whose broadcast on Divinity ends this week) took the time not only to show you the Farm where the soap opera was filmed, but also to explain the pros and cons of her relationship with William Levyone of the most beautiful men in the world.

The true relationship with William Levy

“Eight months of recording is a long time of a lot of coexistence. A lot of coexistence generates all kinds of passions and relationships as in real life. When you have a partner, there are days when you want to hang them. But maybe you love him and then reconcile, die laughing… All this happened” And the actress added that “there were scenes where we were fighting and it was like “I can’t stand this man” and he can’t stand me”.

We might think that “who fights if they want” after knowing that, but nothing is true, Laura has been with her partner for ten years, she has two daughters, and although William Levy and she had a very close relationship, they were just co-workers despite rumors that they are together.

The most embarrassing moment of Laura Londono’s career

In addition to talking about her projects, Laura Londoño told for the first time the uncomfortable moments she experienced in a series in which she participated at the age of 18, guaranteeing that the director “wanted something with me”. It was during the filming of Without breasts there is no paradisewhich had its Spanish version starring Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Amaya Salamanca.

“I had a disagreement with the director. I think he wanted something with me I told him no and he didn’t speak to me again on set, he didn’t speak to me again, it was a little strange”. Calleja asks what she said and she claims that “the invitation was that her room is there, she didn’t tell me that there would be repercussions if I didn’t do what she was suggesting, it just happened, I started to find a wall. He was ignoring me. Being my director was a pressure, I was 18 years old.

“I am a post-feminist”, Laura Londoño’s most controversial statement

The actress had time to talk about feminism and comment that in woman scented coffee William Levy earned more than her, something he justifies because of his prestige.. But it’s not the only time she finds a difference, and she explained that in another series she suffered wage inequality in relation to her co-star, who earned more than her just for being a man.

“The first season of ‘The Law of the Heart,’ I got less than half of my costar, obviously. In the second season, after the success, I said I would, but I asked for more money, justifying myself by what had happened in the first season. The argument I was told was that it was ‘unfair’ that I was paid more than the lead.”

When Calleja asks if she is a feminist she claims she is actually “post-feminist” and that in the past she was very feminist but now she doesn’t believe in this struggle anymore (?). But she says more. He doesn’t believe we should do this with force and “fighting with an energy that is masculine and that corresponds to the masculine and that’s not where our power lies.” For Laura Londoño our power is elsewhere and she explains that she has created a personal project on gender inequality.

History owes women for millions of reasons… I feel there is a long way to go opening. “I saw that the issue of feminism is equal pay, equal conditions… I ask you a question. Where is the equality of orgasms? Satisfying women is still frowned upon in many places… We need to talk about these issues. Women learned that to be beautiful, among other things, we have to be sweet, delicate and quiet. It cuts out a lot of our beauty, which is chaotic,” she said.

An interview that has not left anyone indifferent and with which we finally know what relationship he has with the co-star of woman scented coffee.

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