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Georgina’s controversial statements in ‘El Hormiguero’: “I hate going into the hot bathroom of a commercial plane with the smell of freshly released cake”RV


‘The anthill’ received a visit from Georgina Rodrigues. The influencer became the star of the night on the Pablo Motos program, which she watched on the occasion of the premiere of the second season of her reality show.‘I am Gerogina’ Arrives on Netflix this Friday, March 24th and Cristiano Ronaldo’s couple revealed a few brushstrokes about what their followers can find.

“Whatever you can imagine, you will see. They will feel very identified and will love it“, he said. He also guaranteed that those who watch the series will know things they didn’t know about his life and also about Cristiano Ronaldo. “This season I traveled a lot more than the previous one, because the first one was recorded in a very short time and this season we had a break, in the end the recordings lasted much longer and also thanks to that I was able to include a lot more things”.

From him facet of the mother is one of the most present on the reality show and also the one that brings her the most happiness, but this season you can see the difficult time she went through after the loss of one of the twins she was expecting with Cristiano.

“There is no explanation. It brought me a lot of darkness, but it brought me a lot of love and this season having done that helped me a lot. I chose as director a woman with whom I identified a lot last year and I have been feeling super happy and very surrounded by all the people who have taken this journey with me, after the loss of my baby”, he confessed when talking about that difficult phase.

Pablo Motos wanted to know what are the methods used by the couple to educate your children that “he has so many privileges” and the influencer gave a response that generated great controversy among viewers of the issue. He confessed what his ‘method’ is to get his kids to eat all the food. “Sometimes I put videos of children who don’t have food and say: ‘look, this could happen to you’”.

The presenter also wanted to investigate how is your life and that of his family in Saudi Arabia: “It’s a wonderful country. I have to admit that I’ve been very conditioned by gossip, but it’s a very safe country, very family-friendly and they take very good care of both women and children. They are very thoughtful and very generous,” he said. “Anyway, my routine wherever I go is always the same. Children, school, training and work. And then, thank God, we have facilities and we can enjoy and travel a lot”.

But without a doubt one of the most moving moments was when Pablo Motos asked about the plane’s bathrooms. The presenter wanted to know if the bathroom on a private plane is bigger than that on a commercial plane. “I’ve never pooped on a plane. And I hate it when I travel on a commercial plane to get into a hot bathroom that smells like freshly thrown cake. It makes you want to pee,” he concluded, underlining that when he travels by private plane he always likes to try Iberian products.