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When Fernando Alonso signed for the green team midway through last season, everyone thought the switch from Alpine to Aston Martin might be a mistake as the French were the fourth fastest team and the Brits finished seventh after some good results. at the end of the course.

However, the Silverstone team’s breakthrough was wholly unexpected and after the first two races of this 2023 they have proven to be the second force on the grid behind Red Bull. In fact, Alonso, with his two consecutive podiums in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, so far he has been the only one to climb the podium without wearing the colors of the Austrian brand.

Flavio Briatoreprotagonist of the Asturian driver’s two titles in the highest category of motorsport and who still works as an advisor to the two-time world champion, spoke about Alonso’s movement and his future possibilities with Aston Martin.

“At 41, Fernando is faster than any of the 20-year-olds,” said Briatore.

“I never doubted his speed. They say about Fernando ‘he’s too old, he’s not a team driver’, but that’s nonsense! Give him the right car and he will give you good results. Fernando is an exceptional driver“.

Regarding the chances of fighting for victories in the championship this year, despite the superiority of the energy drink team, Briatore does not rule out the candidacy.

I won’t say that the fight for the championship is over this year, Aston Martin has a new car, let’s see how much they can improve the AMR23 with development. Other teams still don’t understand their problems, but Fernando has a car that’s easy to understand and easy to drive.”

If he has a chance to win, he won’t let it go.“, said the Italian.

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About Alonso’s negotiation with Aston Martin and the agreement they reached in such a short time, Flavio Briatore was important: “We made a joint decision and took a risk, but now we can say that it was worth it”.

“Aston Martin offered us a two-year deal, while others offered us a one-year deal, citing Fernando’s age as an excuse.”

“We also knew that Lawrence Stroll was building a great team. We saw an objective and a will to develop that Alpine, for example, did not have. I have known Lawrence for 30 years, he is a big fan of Formula 1 and a successful businessman, started as a sponsor, bought Racing Point, hired a lot of people from Red Bull and other teams and gave them more responsibility. He built a wind tunnel and factory at Silverstone. These are the steps to grow“, concluded the Italian.

Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin AMR23, arrives on the grid

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