‘Alonsomania’ has been unleashed across the world. In Saudi Arabia it was proved that Fernando It is aston martin They will seriously compete for it. Formula 1 World Cup. Grid Bull It maintains its clear favorite status, but the season is long and the green brand promises to fight. flavio Briatoreone of the people who best knows Oviedo in the big circushe looks excited.

Briatore summons the tiffosi as before. In an interview for Il Corriere della Sera, the Italian businessman analyzed Fernando Alonso’s options to get back to doing something great. He trusts his friend, whom he supported in the decision not to renew with Alpine and sign with Aston Martin.

He leaves a ‘stick’ for the French team, heir to the Renault in which he and Fernando made history in 2005 and 2006. It is not the only target against which he shoots. It also does against Sebastian Vettelwhich he says has none of that illusion that Alonso brought to Aston Martin to help grow as a team.

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“At 41, he’s faster than any driver in their 20s,” says Briatore emphatically. He makes it clear that Alpine was wrong to judge Fernando Alonso on his identity card: “They said he was too old, that he was not a team man.

That’s how Briatore experienced Alonso’s ‘yes’ to Aston Martin from the inside, telling it in the first person: “We share the decision, we take risks. But it was worth it: they offered us a two-year contract while others, with sorry for the age, only one. Then we knew that Lawrence Stroll was forming a great team. There we saw the desire for change that there was not, for example, in Alpine “.

Fernando Alonso, with the third place trophy at the 2023 Saudi Arabia F1 Grand Prix

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There is a link between Briatore, Alonso’s godfather in F1, and Lawrence Tourthe Asturian driver’s new boss: “I’ve known Lawrence for 30 years, he’s a true F1 enthusiast, he’s a successful businessman. He started as a sponsor and then bought Racing Point. He took a lot of people from Red Bull and other teams: they they were number two or three on his teams and he gave them more responsibility. He invested in the wind tunnel and the new factory. If you want to grow, you have to.”

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“Fernando brought enthusiasm and ambitions never seen before, nothing to do with the Vettel period.

And finally, he asks for hope for the future of the season: “I would wait a little before finishing the World Cup. The Aston Martin is still a ‘virgin’ car: we’ll see how much it can grow with evolution. The others still didn’t understand their problems. Fernando has a car that is easy to understand and drive. If he has a chance to win, he won’t let it go.”