March was a very busy month for Ibai Llanos, both online and offline. After announcing the Night of the Year 3 with many public figures, the streamer continued to carry out great activities, such as the Kings League that he carried out together with Gerard Piqué, or the launch of his own menu for the restaurant chain La Gran Familia Mediterránea . However, what was supposed to be a month of victories and good news turned into moments of mental exhaustion, not only due to the elimination of Porcinos FC from the championship, but because of the fatphobic comments after the menu announcementsomething Ibai didn’t let go of.

Minutes before starting the launch of his menu live, he decided to pause at the 25th minute of the transmission to say a few words about the negative comments about the attacks of gordophobia that he has received, accusing that the criticism comes only for launching a menu being an obese person: “What’s the problem, guys? That there have been six content creators before me who have released a menu and there have been no issues. Menus that, obviously, because they’ve already had their hamburgers, their churros, their sandwiches, even alcoholic drinks, and nothing happened. The problem is when those who are fat do it and those like me do it”. With these words he accuses journalists who seek to attack his image to make biased news about his physique, something that other streamers who did the same, like Rubius, Vegeta777 and Willyrex, didn’t happen to them. On the other hand, he mentions that little is said about his physical change, in which He has already lost almost 10 kilos in two months.

The same video in which he presents the menu on YouTube is full of negative messages regarding his weight.
The same video in which he presents the menu on YouTube is full of negative messages regarding his weight.

“Don’t worry, the boy who will order my menu sees my live shows every day and knows the messages we give at our live shows every day, not like some journalists who haven’t seen my live show in fucking life and the only thing they look for is that morbid clickbait of a fat guy with dirty hands eating wings, which is something that already gets a lot of attention as an article”.

These attacks on Ibai, added to the pessimism he has received on his social networks and the pace of activities he has organized, have led him to mention the option to stop streaming at some point, something that has caused concern among some content creators. , as is the case with Auronplay, who came to his defense: “He is a person who has kept a lot of rhythm, events here, events there, that if I assemble a team (…) even if you see Ibai happy and content, I guarantee that inside he must be absolutely exploding “.

Although both have a relationship marked by tense moments and friction at certain times, Auron put them aside to consider Ibai’s mental health and mention to look for a downturnjust as he did after a break after the controversy in which he was involved: “there will come a time when he will have to do like me and make a change of record (…) and whoever wants to see it, see it”. For his part, Ibai mentioned that it’s not something that’s going to happen later, but it’s something that will have to happen at some point.

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