03/27/2023 at 11:28 pm


‘First Dates’ tends to leave us with the quirkiest and weirdest moments, at least on certain occasions. Despite The aim of the program is for participants to find love, is not always fulfilled.

‘First Dates’ is a show presented by It premiered in 2016, and has been so successful that it has been proclaimed as a Four referral program. Viewers can enjoy From Monday to Friday at 21:05..

The program gathers couples on a blind date. These participants will have a conversation during a dinner where they will meet and check if they are really compatible or not. At the end of the meeting, They will decide if they had similar tastes and want to continue getting to know each other or if, on the contrary, they prefer not to know anything about each other.

In this Monday’s program, the program presented Carmen and Patricia. The second was defined as “rocker, at the same time gothic and at the same time geek”, He also confessed that he never had a sentimental relationship with a girl, but that is “something pending”

Patrícia commented that she is always impressed by things like this “use a style similar to me”. And so it was, when Carmen entered the restaurant, they were surprised to see that there were very similar styles. “She’s her twin”, Matthias added.

Not only was that, but, that When they saw each other, they couldn’t stop laughing. something neither Elsa nor Matías understood, and they didn’t say what was wrong with them. “I’m surprised”, commented Patricia, to which Carmen added “I’ve been in shock.”

The presenter discovered that they already knew each other and got the singles to tell the past. They explained that Patricia had studied in Córdoba, the city of Carmen, and that They met through Tinder.

The nomination was positive for both of them, they fit in, they got carried away and decided to give themselves a chance and keep getting to know each other abroad.