Cristina Cebrián (Photography and video)
Pharmaceutical Zambon continues to focus on strengthening its portfolio by incorporating talents in the different areas of the company. In this regard, Beatriz RomeroMedical Affairs & Regulatory Director of Zambon Iberia, points out in an interview with iHealth What are the main objectives of the medical department within the company’s strategy. “We invest heavily in our medical science liaison (MSL) teams to understand very well what the needs of doctors and patients are,” Explain. Likewise, the pharmaceutical company has a strong presence in therapeutic areas such as neurology and the respiratory system, where it hopes to contribute “New releases” In the next years.

Zambon has a strong presence in different therapeutic areas. On a medical level, what can we expect from the company in 2023?
At Zambon we continue to consolidate the work we have been doing with our best known products such as Fluimucil, Flutox or Espidifen. In addition, we are opening up new therapeutic areas, consolidating ourselves in areas such as neurology and the respiratory system, where we hope to contribute with new launches in the coming years.

What are the goals of Zambon Iberia’s medical department within the company’s growth strategy?
A few years ago we started a movement to position ourselves as a strategic leader in the scientific area. We want to become one stakeholder of value both internally and externally to be able to work in the health ecosystem with doctors, patients, pharmacies and all people involved in the health area. To this end, we continue to work on the generation of scientific evidence and seek to make it high-quality scientific evidence by training professionals.

Beatriz-RomeroZambon hopes to launch new products in different areas like neurology and respiratory system

After the pandemic, where is Zambon’s medical department focusing its efforts to try to improve the health of patients?
The pandemic has changed the way we work for the entire healthcare ecosystem. We had to learn to work within a hybrid model and we are trying to extract the best from this model, incorporating digital tools that allow us to better understand our customers’ needs to add value and, in addition, without ever forgetting the human part. For this, we have invested heavily in our Medical Science Liaison (MSL) teams that are in the field close to the patient and the doctor, to understand very well what these needs are and how we can cooperate to continue building in this ecosystem.

What innovative solutions would you highlight from Zambon to improve scientific progress?
From Zambon there are several initiatives that help in this progress. In Milan there is a campus called OpenZone, at our headquarters, where we house researchers and small companies so that they can develop their research work and, in addition, can generate network between them. Likewise, the ZCube initiative works as an international startup accelerator. Finally, we have Zambon Biotech, which is the part of the company responsible for exploring all the opportunities for products under development that exist and that may make sense, within the therapeutic areas we have been talking about, mainly the respiratory system and central system. nervous. Through Zambon Biotech is where we look for products that will integrate our future portfolio and pipeline.

Beatriz-RomeroZambon is a company that knows how to combine very well the tradition of consolidated products with the search for innovation.

This pharmaceutical company has recently expanded its portfolio with Xebevir sticks for the pediatric population. How to help this product to improve children’s immune system?
Xebevir sticks is a nutritional supplement composed of four strains of probiotics (AB-21) and vitamin D that contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. It was launched by Zambon after the Covid-19 pandemic, in a capsule presentation. This new presentation in sticks facilitates ingestion by this type of pediatric population.

Respiratory viral infections are one of the main reasons for consultation in health centers in this period. What other products does Zambon offer in this area?
We highlight two products, which are already classics in our portfolio, Fluimucil with its composition of acetylcysteine. It is a mucolytic that also has antioxidant action. We continue to learn and generate evidence around the action of Fluimucil. On the other hand, Flutox, based on cloperastine, has both a central and peripheral antitussive function, achieving rapid cough control, in 20 or 30 minutes.

How do you evaluate your first months at the head of Zambon’s medical department?
The truth is that it has been a fantastic experience. The team is a luxury both professionally and humanly, with a huge focus on the patient, on generating quality and valuable scientific evidence. In addition, they are pure energy and dynamism in a company that knows very well how to combine the tradition of these consolidated products with that search for innovation both in terms of the product and new ways of doing things through digitalization.