mEsut Özil retires from football and with that ends a career where his talent was, on many occasions, overshadowed by his constant polemics off the field of play.

To the accusations of racism against Germany for its Turkish origin or for the empire built by the player from his multiple businesses They also made him a protagonist off the field.

Your heart, split in two

Something Özil has always displayed during his professional career is his roots. Capped by the German national team, the midfielder never hid his proud to come from a Turkish familysomething with which he met the opposition of many German followers: “I have two hearts: a German one and a Turkish one. I was born and raised in Germany, but people have a hard time accepting that.”

Mesut Özil poses with Erdogan in an Arsenal shirt.

“When I win, I’m German and when I lose, I’m an immigrant,” said Özil when, in 2018, he was scolded by German fans result of a photo that the player took with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan just before the celebration of the World Cup in Russia.

For me, taking a picture with Erdogan has nothing to do with politics, but with respecting the highest office in my family’s country.

Mesut Ozil

The photo was perceived in Germany as an attack on the country, due to the bad relations between Erdogan and Angela Merkel, then Chancellor of Germany, something Mesut vehemently denied. To make matters worse, Özil chose the Turkish president as witness at the engagement celebration with his wife, the Swedish actress Amine Gülse.

Özil, his family and Erdogan, during the player’s wedding.

Object of response from Qatar

The controversies between Özil and Germany were also protagonists in the Qatar World Cup. Faced with the historic image of the German national team covering their mouths in protest, dozens of Qataris watched the match between Spain and Germany with different images of the player, thus remembering the treatment of ‘Mannschaft’ fans with Ozil.

Qatar fans hold photos of Özil during the World Cup.

Clothing brand, eSports, cryptocurrencies…

After being a Nike emblem, Özil decided to launch his clothing brand, with which he started to earn one million euros in the first year. After the success achieved with ‘M10’ (brand), Özil sought to expand his earnings and his influence in the clothing world being the first player to launch his own brand of football boots: the M1Ö.

Moving away from the world of football, but not the sport, Mesut entered the world of eSports with the purchase of a club with headquartered in Düsseldorf and under the moniker M10 ESPORTS.

Özil with his brand cap, during an interview with MARCA.

In recent years, its business has expanded into the world of cryptocurrenciescreating the concept of M10 to run purchases related to your NFTwhich he also presented in 2022.

Cosmetics, health supplements, a portfolio of real estate and even shares in Mexican soccer club Necaxa These are other businesses that Mesut Özil will continue to invest in once he ends his football career.