This great horror game is over 80% off on PC and PlayStation for a limited time.

Now that The Last of Us series has left us with a void at the end, it’s time to broaden our horizons. With a second season, in the words of Bella Ramsey, still a long way off, what better than video games to make the wait more enjoyable? Deadlight would be a great alternative and is now priced hard to believe thanks to Steam and PS Store deals.

This installment developed by the Spanish studio Tequila Works offers us an adventure that keeps all the essence of the Naughty Dog saga, but adding good dose of terror and a very interesting charm in itself.

How long does Deadlight last?

Deadlight is one of those adventures designed to start and end at the same time. It’s a short proposal, just three hourswhich includes a concise and impactful story, betting on the platform format and the atmosphere of terror with 2D displacement.

Buy Deadlight Director’s Cut for PS4 for 1.49 euros

This does not make it any less valid, since we are talking about a solid game from beginning to end and that fulfills what it promises with great success. Within the indie scene, it is a title of great quality, to be taken into account if we look at the post-apocalyptic framework. And it’s in Deadlight that we’ll meet Randall Wayne, who is looking for his family in Seattle in 1986. A virus has made the dead rise, having to face all kinds of difficulties if he wants to find his wife and daughter. To all this we must add the historical context of the Cold War as a backdrop.

Using a simplified but effective gameplay, we will have to survive the enemies, solve puzzles and make our way around in the most ingenious ways possible, while exploring a city that has a detailed arts section and knowing all kinds of human stories. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a story that’s deep but not overly long, with a direct message, exploration, and a healthy dose of action.

Deadlight Director’s Cut PS4

If this title caught your eye, know that we can currently find it for almost free. Through the PS Store, the Director’s Cut costs €1.49 thanks to the 90% discount. The offer is available until March 30th. On the other hand, on Steam we can get it for 2.39 euros thanks to the 80% discount until March 23rd. In case you fall in love with the physical format, you can also pick up the PS4 version from Amazon. Of course, the price is higher.

If with all this you still want more, you can find out about all the news about the game that we are telling you and you can also discuss them with other members of the community by joining the Discord server 3DJuegos.

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