Ithe actors José Mota It is Pepe Viyuela They came this Tuesday to ‘The anthill’ present the film ‘The Hotel of Troubles’, which will be released in theaters this Friday, March 24th. The film is a comedy derived from ‘Garcia and Garcia’ in which the two javier garcia They occupy a dilapidated hotel where a group of gifted children stay with their explosive teacher to participate in the National Talent Final.

To start the interview, Pablo Motos asked Pepe Viyuela to tell the plot of ‘El Hotel de los líos’. “The two idiots of ‘García y García’ meet again in life and begin to suffer and enjoy. They had been around for a while and therefore were happier without each other,” pointed out the La Rioja comedian, who was interrupted by his co-star. “They are so dumb that one is dumber than the other.“, said Jose Mota.

Pepe Viyuela

José Mota reveals the origin of the phrase ‘the chickens that go in are the ones that come out’

Next, Pablo Motos revealed that José Mota and he had dinner with Miguel Ángel Revilla a few days ago and that it seemed to him that the president of Cantabria told the comedian that the phrase ‘the chickens that go in for the ones that come out’ he had taught her. The manchego denied and told the origin of it. “This phrase is based on real events. It is a story that happened in my land. Before, in the corrals of the houses in the villages, the chickens, the implements were kept… So, there were chickens that jumped from one enclosure to another because they do not fly, but semi-fly. And one day a neighbor said to the other: ‘Forgive me, I’m missing four chickens, you didn’t see them in your pen, did you?’ And the other replied, ‘I didn’t see anything.’ Total, that a month has passed, and Eight chickens jumped from this pen to the other. And he said, ‘You’ll forgive me, look how life is, I’m short of four chickens.’ And the other replied: ‘Don’t make numbers, the chickens that go in are the ones that come out.’ And that’s where it comes from the law of compensation,” said the comedian from Montiel.

Pablo Motos, Jose Mota and Pepe Viyuela.

After clarifying the origin of ‘the chickens that go in the ones that go out’, José Mota highlighted what happened in a risky scene that he preferred to do to a specialist. “They were going to leave me suspended in a harness at a height of 40 meters and when they put the harness on, a thousand things went through my head. It doesn’t usually happen, but I thought there are people who lost their lives in these types of scenes. because a nut loosens and comes loose. Then, when we started shooting the scene, I asked them to cut it to look at the nut and it was tight. And when we went back to shooting the scene, I asked them to cut it again so they could look at the nut again, it was still tight. And we already recorded the scene”, highlighted the ciudad realeño.If I have to die, let it be because it’s my turn, not because of some crazy person.“, added,

After seeing the trailer for the film, Pepe Viyuela admitted that memory is not his forte when it comes to recognizing people he already knows. “ANDor I can say ‘hi, I’m Pepe’ to someone I’ve already introduced myself to and suddenly he says to me: ‘No, we talked and you already introduced yourself’. I always look like an idiot“, manifested the logroño, who stated that sometimes they get confused.”They often call me José Mota“, assured.”Santiago Segura tells me I’m like Pepe Viyuela, but with hair“, specified José Mota, who took advantage of his presence in ‘El Hormiguero’ to promote another film in which he participates and which hits theaters on April 5: ‘De Caperucita a wolf’.

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