It’s news again today Star Citizen, and as always happens, It’s not good news. Although the game has been updated to version Alpha 3.18that brings the “biggest update so far“For now the players are of the same opinion, and the only thing they did was plague the game with new problems.

you have to remember that Star Citizen was a Kickstarter project announced at the end of 2012 and what raised $2.1 million. Since then, a lot has happened. As of this writing, the game has conquered nearly 555 million dollars. Despite this, the game continues without leaving its Alpha phase.

Now, with the last update received, users have been complaining about the added issues. Among them, the players themselves were unable to enter the game. Those who were able to do so reported major bugs.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.18: Lasting Legacies debuts only with issues

This weekend, the latest Alpha version of the game debuted as its developer, Cloud Imperium Games, claimed it was the “Biggest Star Citizen update to date“. Shortly after the update was released, the game status reports page warned on one “partial cut” the saturdayindicating that the game launcher may become unresponsive due to high demand.

“We are investigating an issue that prevents users from logging into the RSI Issues Council,” it read on Saturday afternoon when trying to log in. On Sunday, the issues continued to get worse, and on Monday, the game’s service status was updated to “severe interruption“. This implies that as soon as Star Citizen was updated, the game was completely broken.

“Since the release of Star Citizen Alpha 3.18.0, our teams have observed a number of issues that players have encountered when trying to log in to the game. These have mostly manifested themselves in the form of 19003 and 19004 with a mix of other similar codes.

By tracking these issues, the team was able to tweak and make adjustments to the entitlement processing flow to ensure that a large portion of player attempts continue to succeed and can enter the Persistent Universe. However, at a certain point in the morning, the environment entered a state that would require a more disruptive recovery process.

As of 13:00 UTC on March 12, 2023, the environment is recovering from the slow and unresponsive state it was in, but we want to warn you that during this recovery process, players will experience periods of extreme difficulty to enter the Persistent Universe”.

Hundreds of players complain online: “600 million dollars for this garbage”

Unsurprisingly, the game’s official forums and Reddit were filled with thousands of posts. of people complaining that they couldn’t connect. The few who managed to get into Star Citizen also complained of other issues. Everyone agrees on the same thing: they are tired of nothing going right despite the years of development that have passed.

“Why release this buggy update on a Friday afternoon? I’ve been trying to connect for four days now. Errors 19k, 60k, 30k… Dozens of login attempts. I was able to log in once for 10 minutes and was unable to interact with nothing. Terminals don’t work, ship controls… missions… nothing. And then they crash with an error of 30k.

“Yes, yes, it’s alpha blah blah blah. The problem I’m having is, after so many years, why are the same problems happening every patch? How many more years do we have to put up with 30,000 bugs?”

“I think the reactions are more based on the fact that it’s been in the making for over a decade, they got nearly $600 million in funding, and we don’t have much more than a bunch of crap on fire.”

“Regardless of what this patch did or didn’t do, it doesn’t change the fact that almost every aspect of this game is broken in some shape or form. Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to wait with patience and understanding. It just seems to me that they should offer us something more refined to go out with.”

“I’ve invested more money in this game than any other video game I’ve played before (which is a lot). I don’t regret it, because for me playing this game is like when other people enjoy an expensive whiskey or wine. I don’t expect this game to be what most people expect. Especially considering the fact that even the leaders don’t seem to have a clear idea of ​​how the game will end.”