What should I wear to a date? The question that keeps us up at night (among other things because war, inflation and existential despair rank in the top three, why lie). It may seem banal, but finding the perfect spring look or dress… is not an easy task. Therefore, when a piece of clothing falls before your eyes, dear reader, there is no loss: it is her. I can say with enthusiasm that I found the lyocell pants perfect in new Massimo Dutti collection. don’t wrinkleIt’s low cost, white, goes with everything… and most importantly, makes a great guy

We agree that, as well as finding the most comfortable short lounges, creating a basic, beautiful and wearable pants that adapts to your body and goes with everything is a great achievement. Also, wearing wide pants with a stylized look is not easy, but it gets easier if you opt for the mule, the favorite shoe for short girls because it slims the silhouette. That’s why, when a miracle happens, you have to raise your voice and, of course, share it. The good part? That you still have time to catch it before it runs out. Because if you try lyocell fabric… you won’t want anything else.

Massimo Dutti pants.

Massimo Dutti.

What is lyocell fabric?

I’ve just discovered the holy grail for you if, like me, you don’t iron. This sustainable fabric that is increasingly in fashion won Many advantages. Here everything you need to know:

  1. It is a fabric halfway between the natural fibers and man-made fibers.
  2. Although its name may seem strange, lyocell is nothing more than a derivative of cellulose. It is also known as tencel.
  3. It resembles viscose: it comes from wood pulpbut in its production no polluting component is generated.
  4. Why don’t you iron it again? because it is a super soft fabric that doesn’t wrinkle too much. Yes: listen to your mother. If you take good care of it, don’t iron it. That’s why.
  5. It’s perfect for the spring/summer season because it’s a fabric that perspire super good and also anti-bacterial…so goodbye bad smells. It’s a win for everyone.