Tchia is an open world adventure that shares many things with Zelda and you have on PS Plus.

It is clear that Zelda: Breath of Nature left its mark Its open world full of freedom inspired several video games, replicating that formula of get lost on stage it doesn’t matter which way to go. You will arrive somewhere and find a challenging task to complete. It’s a game where it’s not so important to follow the plot, but to express yourself in an environment full of playable possibilities. Well then, bye captures that spirit very well. In fact, one of the peculiarities of the title is that you can skip its story chapters.

What seems hard to believe? I was also very surprised, but when you play the game, you realize that what really interests the developers at Awaceb is that you experience their freedom and do that. with complete peace of mind, without stress. That was the main thing, and if the plot was an impediment: pause menu, skip segment and ready to continue playing. And it’s not a long game, clocking in at just over ten hours, but it’s still surprising that a team of just 12 people achieved such an open world that is so charming and fun to navigate. It completely fascinates me.

A relaxing open world full of nature

The best of Tchia is its sense of exploration. To follow the story, there are many tasks: go to that address, reach that goal and talk to that character. The typical. However, everything that escapes the proposed narrative is great. The game’s scenario is so big that you have to use your small sailboat to go from one point of the map to another. But the good thing is that it has fast travel, and also a copy of paragliding that Link displayed in ZBOTW, which is very useful in making travel much more bearable. Furthermore, you have the possibility to climbcommon resistance counter that you can improve over time. ring a bell?

However, I don’t want you to think that this is an open-world copy of the Nintendo game. For nothing. It is true that there are several enemy camps spread across the stage, but here there is no combat, but a special ability that is another hallmark of this video game. it’s about the astral jumps, and allow our protagonist to possess animals and objects. You can light enemies on fire with a lamp or fly through the air like a dove… Wonderful.

There are over 30 animals to own and countless objects to experiment with and have fun with. The interaction with all these elements adds a layer of distinction and originality to the adventure, but it is not the only one, since another of the great playable incentives consists of moving with your ship and diving to find many hidden treasures. Furthermore, there are a lot of Activities, from racing to building stone towers in which you have to determine their orientation and angle. You can even learn new songs to play along with your cavaquinhothat have different functions (like making it day or night).

What least convinced me is that I spent a lot of time going from one place to another, with endless paths. However, it must be understood that it is a game in which orientation is very important and therefore in which you have to use the game map a lot, continuously looking at the compass and marking points of interest. In this regard, it is crucial to unlock the “watchmakers”, as they discover many nearby elements (and make your life a lot easier). So while it’s true that I found it a little slow and tedious at first, after a few hours I was enjoying the open world like a dwarf.

What really matters to Awaceb’s developers is that you experience their freedom, and do so with total peace of mind, without stress.

There’s just one more thing I want to tell you, because it’s essential to understand what Tchia is. The developers were inspired by their homeland, New Caledoniato give rise to the game world, and more particularly in the Kanak culture. Incidentally, the voices in the game are in French and Drehu (Spanish subtitles), which are the languages ​​used in that region. It is a true tribute to the childhood of the founders of the study, who, like him Shigeru Miyamoto with Legend of Zeldareflected his feelings when living his childhood in that fantastic place, full of nature.

There’s even a political message involved, because for some reason the communities that live in the game world don’t get along very well… and you’re going to make it all better. So in addition to being a game very beautiful in artistic and sound, it is likewise so in its message. Personally I enjoyed it a lot and I think you will too if you are looking for that experience.

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