The developers of Dark and Darker promise that there will be no Pay to Win and a relentless fight against cheaters.

The reception probably surprised even the developers, but at this point to say it’s almost a no-brainer. Dark and Darker is one of the most anticipated titles by the PC community. A different approach to ‘loot’ and extraction video games that promises to keep us awake for hours. However, this is not the only commitment of the iron mace with the community. In addition to offering us a superlative experience in what we have been able to test so far, the developer guarantees that there will not be any type of monetization that could be considered ‘pay to win’.

The two great promises of Dark and Darker

The developers of Dark and Darker they answered a huge number of questions of the community. A document with about 12 pages of resolved doubts that come from player questions on the game’s Discord server. In them, they made reference to aspects related to monetization, ensuring that they would introduce a simple and easy-to-understand system for players, since initial sales cannot sustain the maintenance of the video game in the long term. However, along these same lines, the possibility of paying for perks has been completely ruled out in the game.

“Video game sales alone cannot cover the cost of maintaining the servers on an ongoing basis. We need to generate a level of revenue commensurate with the number of players. We absolutely rule out paying to win.”

As for the other big challenge, that of the cheaters, things will be a little more complicated. The developers recognize impossible that dark and darker to be a 100% free space for this type of practice. However, they guarantee that they will not spare resources. In addition to fighting them from the traditional point of view, other models are also being tested. “Let’s try some more tools to defend against cheaters. There are things we want to experience from a gameplay standpoint. that go beyond simply making cheats not work,” the developers explained.

When is Dark and Darker released?

The premiere of Dark and Darker will take place in Early Access format and the wait will be quite bearable. The game will maintain its policy of running free trials periodically, with the next stipulated for the days between 14 and 19 April (both included). After that period, the developers announced that “the launch will be very close”, although they avoid specifying dates. There are still many elements to be introduced, although Early Access facilitates its release in the absence of some functions. Both during initial release and after full release, the game will receive Periodic Escape from Tarkov-style reboots.

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