Alejandro Bermúdez

09/03/2023 at 7:00 pm


jedet He went to ‘Días de tele’ last night along with other prominent women in the feminist struggle to talk about various episodes of her life. One of them was the complaint to sexual assault what did you do after the ‘Fierce Awards’ gala. The actress He shared how the leak affected him. and denounced how poorly his case was handled.

“I feel like they put me in this media position. I’m proud to have reported it, because I think it’s something that shouldn’t be tolerated. They forgot I was the victim and they didn’t respect my process.”began by declaring the guest.

“When everything exploded, it was because he came three times to bother me. The protocol was triggered without me realizing it”, he acknowledged. “The next thing I remember, I’m with five actresses in the bathroom, calming down because I was having a panic attack.” In fact, the interpreter guarantees that “We denounced together with two other witnesses.” About the leak, he commented that “It had escaped from the EFE agency” that she was the whistleblower. All this put a lot of pressure on her, which led her to be “locked in the house for two or three days”.

Finally, Jedet was very critical of the press and some comments that were made: “There were people who questioned me and there was press at the door of my house, they followed my friends… Above all, in the headlines it seemed that they had done something very serious to me. The press did not treat it with respect, it became something very big. I understand that my image is not what people understand as a victim, maybe.”

Furthermore, he added that “I felt compelled to speak, I didn’t want to, but it was like it was something I had to do to keep working. I feel very judged all the time.” At the end of his explanations, Jedet added: “I didn’t go through everything I went through to have to put up with a drool.”