Jessica Goicoechea gave an interview to Luc Loren where he talked about the mistreatment who suffered with the ex-partner, viiperi river. In the lecture, which will soon be seen in full on YouTube, the 6 signs that show that you are the victim of gender violence.

Luc Loren gifts we are not crazya talk show that can be seen on your channel YouTube and in which he brings several guests to talk about mental health. The ‘influencer’ talked to Jessica Goicoecheawho confirmed that he had been ill-treated by viiperi river.

Who is Jessica Goicoechea?

Jessica Goicoechea is a Catalan model and ‘influencer’. The 26-year-old has worked for companies such as calzedonia, Ze Garcia It is Jean Paul GaultierIn addition to having her own clothing brand, goi. In Instagram It already has more than a million and a half followers.

Jessica Goicoechea opened up to Luc Loren about the mistreatment

Goicoechea and Viiperi made their relationship public in 2017. March 2020river was arrested for assault for Jessica. Now the Barcelona woman spoke about it with Loren in an interview that will soon arrive on her channel. “The content of the interview refers to a story from the past, but one that Jessica will never forget”, warns a preview.

“The Ministry of Equality has here six signs of abuse know if I am suffering gender violence. I’d like to ask you and tell me yes or no,” Loren suggested. “He often ignores or dismisses his feelings. He humiliates you, shouts or insults you in private or in public,” he said, to which Jessica replied that she had suffered them.

“He threatens to hurt you or your family,” added the interviewer. “Yes, he even proposes that he hurt me. He basically says you’re worthless. He stomps on you. ‘You’re worthless. If you’re nothing, why don’t you kill yourself?‘”, pointed out the creator of the content. “It isolates you from family and / or friends. He already physically attacked you ”, listed the communicator, two harsh experiences that Jessica confirmed that she also lived.

What are the six signs that confirm a case of abuse?

“Certain behaviors, attitudes, comments or omissions are manifestations of gender violence”, reveals the Ministry of Equality on its website, where it collects the six signs that confirm a case of abuse:

  • ignore or despise your feelings frequently.
  • ridiculous, insults or despises women in general.
  • Tea humiliateyells or insults in private or public.
  • Threat with hurting you or your family.
  • I have assaulted always physically
  • Tea isolate from family and/or friends.

The first 10 signs of abuse

In addition, the ministry presided over by Irene Montero also collects the top 10 signs of abuse:

  • I have forced have sex against your will.
  • Tea controls money and make decisions for you.
  • does not allow you to work.
  • Threat to take away your daughters and sons if you let him.
  • He controls your way of dressing
  • You don’t express your opinions freely. to fear to his reaction.
  • He check out your cell phone and social networks.
  • you continuously feel lower or less than him.
  • Your partner shows jealousy often.
  • you stopped to go out with his circle of friends because he doesn’t like them.

What to do if you are experiencing gender violence?

The institution also teaches us what to do if you are a victim of gender violence. “The first step you can take is to explain your situation to other people and ask for help. We advise you to seek the support of trusted family and friends so that they support and accompany you in these difficult times ”, she underlines.

“To begin with, we recommend that you contact the toll free number for legal information and advice 016public service launched by Government Delegation against Gender Violencein operation 24 hours a day, and in which you will be assisted by professionals specialized in the subject”, he adds. In addition, Loren stated in we are not crazy that this number is completely secure even if you are being monitored. “Don’t worry because leaves no traces at the invoice phone”, he stressed. In addition, you can also ask for help by Whatsapp in the number 600 000 016 and by E-mail writing to

Message from Jessica Goicoechea

After posting the preview of her interview, Jessica Goicoechea posted a message on Instagram stories. “I decided to give voice with this interview with Luc Loren and Somos Stupendous about a bad experience that I lived three years ago“, comments.

“During these years after the event, unfortunately I have received many messages from people who are going through a similar situation. And although I was able to respond and support what I could, I did this interview to help in some way all the people who have been or are in a similar situation and encourage them to be able to go out of that toxic circle“, complained the March 8thcoinciding with International Women’s Day.

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