Josep Maria Mainat He already advanced before the summer: he would sue TV balconyhit show producer TV-3 ‘Euphoria’by the supposed plagiarism in ‘Operation Triumph’. And he finally fulfilled his promise. His television producer and partner, Toni Cruz, filed a lawsuit.

The announcement was made this Monday, March 27. resettv, the production company that Mainat shares with Tony Cruz, another of the former members of Trinca. They consider that the ‘talent show’ on Friday nights on TV-3 is very similar to ‘Operación Triunfo’, a space they created in 2001 together with Joan Ramón Mainat. According to the creators of ‘OT’, this confrontation was caused “by the extreme similarity between the essential elements of ‘Eufòria’ and those that made the ‘OT’ format famous”.

Contact with the CMA

After reviewing ‘Eufòria’, Cruz and Mainat went into contact with the Catalan Corporation of Audiovisual Mitjans (CCMA) in order to obtain a satisfactory explanation for what they considered a blatant copy of their creation, but “in the absence of answers, they decided to take legal action”, according to Reset TV.

According to Cruz and Mainat, before filing the lawsuit, they made sure that “their impression was corroborated by wide sectors of the specialized press, by important figures in the television industry and by the analysis of specialists in the area who, after timely analysis of both formats, concluded that ‘Eufòria’ is simply an ‘OT’ in Catalanas it was already captured by many media in its debut”.

Copy of “essentials”

“‘Eufòria’ reproduces, with slight variations, all the essential elements, mechanics, phases and original aspects of ‘OT'” guarantees Toni Cruz.

Josep M. Mainat, for his part, adds: “‘OT’ has been exported to more than 70 TV channels around the world, and all of them have recognized our authorship. It is disconcerting that plagiarism happens precisely in Catalonia and on TV-3 “.

Cruz and Mainat conclude: “Let’s see if this process serves to increase creativity and guarantee the originality of new television formats, thus defending a right that must be sacred: the intellectual property of an idea belongs to its authors and no one can violate this right by passing other people’s successes for their own creations& rdquor;.