He Prince William (40 years old) and his wife, Kate Middleton (41), attended this Thursday, March 9, at a Muslim center located in the town of Hayes, west London, to praise the great fundraiser won by communities for displaced people after the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

As a sign of respect, the princes of wales took off their shoes and Katefor your part, covered her head with a scarf, a black and white veil by Pakistani brand Élan. A piece with an Arabic wink that is part of a set that the wife of the future King of England already wore on a trip in 2019.

Upon reaching the center, Kate Middleton She had to live through an uncomfortable moment that made her the involuntary protagonist of the news. As they were preparing to greet those responsible who welcomed them, and after william did it without incident, there was one, Imam Sufyan Iqbalwho denied the Princess of Wales his hand.

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It is a rudeness that inevitably reminds the one who suffered the queen letizia (50) last January after the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hassan Ghashghavi (65), did not extend a hand in the traditional reception to the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Spain.

Both on that occasion and on this one that interests us, the two gentlemen raised their right hands to their hearts. And it is for them that right is the hand of honor. The reason why Iqbal and Ghashghavi denied the hand to both Royal members is nothing more than the fact that some muslim men don’t play in public to women with whom they have no first-degree family ties.

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So he assured HE SPANISH Marina Fernandez, Director of Communication and International Relations at the International School of Protocol Group: “It’s a question of physical contact between men and women in public. The protocol is born from the customs and traditions of peoples and, in Iran, women and men do not touch each other in public.”

Kate Middleton at Hayes on Thursday morning.


As pointed out by the specialist that this newspaper questioned at the time, for more conservative Muslims, physical contact between people of different sex is strictly prohibited unless they are married or immediate relatives i.e. first degree. This is not the case for men, who greet each other with up to three kisses.

This damnable gesture by Imam Iqbal towards the Princess of Wales comes just 24 hours after the 8-M celebration, International Women’s Dayan ephemeris formerly known as Working Women’s Day and in which the struggle of women in their participation in society and in their development in all areas, in search of equality with men, is praised.