You don’t have to run a lot to check if something is wrong in ‘Star Wars’ (and by extension, in Disney): ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, the last movie released in theaters of the saga, arrived in 2019, and then a new page was being turned in the history of the franchise. Because just a month earlier, with more of a playful experiment in tone than anything else, ‘The Mandalorian’ was released in the United States as a letter of introduction to Disney+.

The movie disaster. ‘The Mandalorian’ became a phenomenon in 2019 that revitalized the saga thanks to something as obvious as a mythical character from the franchise, getting almost thirty million subscribers to the platform in its first quarter. But ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, released at Christmas that same year, did not get the expected reception.

Although it may take years for us to know in detail all the backstage of a film immersed in a true tug of war of authorship and business decisions, what we do know are the financial results. I was very far from being a financial failure, with its more than a thousand million dollars of recaudación, but if it was if we have in mind that this cantidad is the mitad of what recaudó the first installment of this new trilogy, ‘El awakening of the power’.

More than three years without movies… and what’s left. Added to this vertiginous drop in revenues is a rejection from a large part of the fans that, although it was not as virulent as the one that Rian Johnson had to endure with ‘The Last Jedi’, made it clear that Disney had not reached please, block fans. And that led to a freeze on movies. In terms of frankness, which we have seen grow through series such as ‘Andor’ or ‘El libro de Boba Fett’, but it is clear that what makes the mythology of the saga grow are the large-length films, and of these there is no perspective for the moment.

Variety claims, in an exclusive article, that the rumors were true, and that ‘Wonder Woman’ director Patty Jenkins’ film, which would be titled ‘Rogue Squadron’ and function as a standalone adventure, has been definitively cancelled. And more: the arrival in the saga with a film by Kevin Feige, head of Marvel, and that many saw with hope as a possible replacement for Kathleen Kennedy, comes to nothing. This departure from Feige may or may not have to do with the passage of screenwriter Michael Waldron, who was supposed to write that film, for the new ‘Avengers’ film in 2026.

What happens in 2025? But there is a movie scheduled for December 2025 of ‘Star Wars0 that nothing is known about. Everything indicates, at least until officially denied, that this could be Taika Waititi’s long-awaited foray into the franchise. ‘Variety’ claims that Waititi himself could intervene in her in the style of what he did playing Hitler in ‘Jojo Rabbit’. Other rumors pointed out by the publication are those that place Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, winner of two Oscars in the documentary category and who debuted in fiction with two episodes of ‘Ms. Wonder’. Damon Lindelof and Justin Britt-Gibson would be writing that film.

Anyway, soon we will know something. Disney can’t miss the opportunity to share ‘Star Wars’ news at the Star Wars Celebration taking place in London on April 7th. Keep in mind that there are some outstanding series that almost nothing is known about yet (‘The Acolyte’, ‘Skeleton Crew’, ‘Ahsoka’), so this announcement will have to attract attention. Is there hope to save ‘Star Wars’ in theaters?