The method that Kiko Matamoros follows to find himself in bed: “I need help”telecinco

Kiko Matamoros debuts the channel in the space he has with his fiancée, Marta López Álamo, on MTMad. And on this occasion, the Sálvame employee He revealed the method he follows to achieve satisfactory sexual relations with his bride.

Save me is a Spanish television program broadcast by Telecinco. It began broadcasting in 2006 and has since become one of the most popular and controversial entertainment programs on Spanish television. The program it focuses on gossip and current affairs from the heart, and its format has been imitated by other shows around the world.

Sálvame’s success is due in part to its unique format, which combines a focus on today’s heart with a passionate and sometimes controversial style of debate. The show’s hosts and contributors are known for their direct style and ability to spark controversial discussions. In addition, the program also includes live sections from the street and interviews with celebrities and experts on various topics.

Sálvame’s presentation team is made up of a diverse group of personalities, from journalists and presenters to actors and television personalities. These presenters and contributors are known for their focus on current affairs from the heart and their ability to spark passionate discussion.

Over the years, Save Me has been the subject of controversy due to its focus on the private lives of celebrities and the way it deals with gossip and matters of the heart. Many critics argue that the show is sensationalizing and exploiting people’s private lives to increase its ratings. Althoughother proponents argue that Save Me offers a unique perspective on today’s heart and is a reflection of popular culture.

Despite the criticism, Sálvame remains one of Telecinco’s most successful programs. Every day, millions of viewers tune in to hear the latest news and discuss their heart’s warmest topics. Furthermore, the program spawned many spin-offs and related shows, including the reality series “Big Brother VIP”.

Personal life

And, in some cases, channels like the one Kiko Matamoros and his fiancée have on MTMad are created, where they talk about their personal lives. On this last occasion it was the turn to talk about sex, telling them everything about the dates they have and the frequency of their relationships.

But the advanced age of the Sálvame collaborator does not escape anyone, not even him, who, far from being ashamed, admitted that “I need help”. And that’s why she follows a hormone treatment that allows her to have a more active sex life. So, he went through a clinic where replacement therapy is applied, an anti-aging formula with which the collaborator maintains his testosterone levels. And his fiancée confirmed that “it works”.