aston martin It was the team that evolved the most from one year to the next. In 2022, the Silverstone team placed seventh in the Constructors Championship. And so far in 2023 it has improved so much that it has ranked as the second best team on the F1 grid. So alone Red Bull overcomes them. In fact, two squadrons as powerful as they are mercedes and ferrari They were defeated by the green cars at the start of the campaign.

The British team has made several key decisions that have led to its current dynamic situation. Made changes to its organizational chart, incorporating talent from other teams. and chose to do without Sebastian Vettel To sign up Fernando Alonso. The Asturian became a partner of Spear Ride, son of the owner of Aston Martin. Also, already looking to the future, they invested a lot of money in a new factory. All with the aim of being champion in the medium term.

The point is that the AMR23 It’s a car they’re getting podiums with. In fact, alonso linked three consecutive visits to the most desired location by the pilots. There were three third parties (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australia) that allowed the two-time champion to exceed the number of 100 podiums (in concrete 101). And the thing doesn’t stop there, since there are 20 appointments left in which they not only think about getting into the drawer, but also aim to win a race.


Four-time champion tips

The key to everything is that the car is very competitive and that credit can be attributed to several people within the employees by Aston Martin. Recently, Mike Krackhead of the England team, made it clear that Vettel He also contributed his grain of sand when designing the weapon how well Alonso is using it.

We had many meetings last year at Seb that gave us clues

Mike Krack (Aston Martin F1 boss)

I think you have to admit seb a part of the merit of our leap. He contributed to our car getting where it is today. We had many meetings last year where he gave us tracks. He advised us, ‘Do this and that, but don’t do this with the new car.’ So I think you have to acknowledge his contribution“, launches Krack in the Prohibited four-time F1 world champion.

Vettelwho retired last year, plotted the same end result dressed in green. In 2021 and 2022 he finished 12th. His best moment was in Baku. In his first year with Aston Martin, he took second place at the Azerbaijani street track.

Aston Martin? It was evident that this year would be better than last season.

Sebastian Vettel (four times F1 champion)

“I’m happy for Alonso”

It was like that, Heppenheim’s may feel envy for what is happening in his ex-team, but he didn’t manifest it publicly. Quite the opposite: “I’m happy for them. I’m glad they’re doing so well.. It was obvious that this year would be better than last season because the precedent was so bad, so was expected“.

And on Alonso’s resurgence he emphasized: “I’m happy for him, I think there were many years where he didn’t have a good car and yes, he’s living that second spring now“.