New Kyle Walker scandal in England. The Manchester City player was recorded showing his private parts in a bar, dancing drunk and kissing a woman who is not his wife. british tabloid the sun exclusively published a fragment of the 90 minutes that the English team played on a Sunday afternoon and that they can lead to a police investigation for indecent exposurewhich reportedly carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison.

In the images released by the media you can see how Walker drops his pants to expose himself to the laughter of his teammates. One of the women in his group pointed at the player and started laughing, and minutes later the Englishman did the same thing a few meters away from two different women. He then approaches them to shake their hands and politely greet them. Quite the opposite of what she did later with one of her friends, the one who groped her breasts in the middle of the bar and then kissed her, culminating in infidelity.

The events happened, always according to the sun, on Sunday afternoon, just 24 hours after Manchester City beat Newcastle at the Etihad. Pep Guardiola gave the players two days off and Walker wasted no time. At 5:20 pm on Sunday, he appeared at a bar “visibly drunk” accompanied by several friends and a few blondes.. They stayed there for 90 minutes drinking and dancing “provocatively with the two women”. The vehicle talks about beer and many shots, causing the defender to stagger in the presence of one of the women.

Shortly after 7 pm, Walker paid the nearly €300 bill, although he needed help from one of his friends when he couldn’t find his wallet. “The images are really disturbing. O The woman Walker is with is not his wife, but he reaches out and touches her breasts. You wonder if it could be worse, and so he flashes his penis in full view of the bar and the women he’s with.. It’s very worrying,” said a source from the same tabloid.

Walker may face investigation

The Sexual Offenses Act 2003 states that indecent exposure and intentional display of genitalia for people to see can cause alarm or distress, and that “indecent, obscene and disgusting” acts in the presence of at least two people can result in a fine. and even prison sentence. “Whether to shock, laugh or intimidate, indecent exposure can have long-term, disturbing and traumatic effects for those affected. It can give the exposed person a sense of power in the situation,” said Teresa Parker of Women’s Aid.

Then, Kyle Walker adds a new scandal for his extensive career. The football player has been in a relationship since his youth with Annie Kilner and together they have three children, but since 2017 he has not stopped making headlines. In 2019, Annie left him after television star Laura Brown said she had sex with the player in her Bentley.. Walker was forgiven, but in 2020 he made noise again when Lauryn Goodman revealed that she was expecting his child. Walker moved into an apartment, and a few days later it was discovered that he had broken lockdown rules for a four-hour sex session with two women. Annie forgave him again and last year they got engaged.