Laura Pausini (Faenza, Italy, 48 years old) is celebrating twice. She embarked on a tribute to commemorate the 30th anniversary of her musical career-after winning the Sanremo festival in 1993 with The loneliness—, the Italian artist met a challenge a few weeks ago: she traveled to New York, Madrid and Milan in just 30 hours, where she offered her audience three unique concerts and in which she performed her 30 best-known songs. As for her more personal side, Pausini finally sealed the relationship with musician Paolo Carta, with whom she has been dating for 18 years, and walked down the aisle at a wedding held in Rome.

“Abbiamo detto ‘Yes’. We said ‘Yes’. We said ‘yes’. Let’s project ‘Yes’. Nous avons dit ‘Oui”, with this sentence, written in five languages, and an image of the link, the Italian artist announced her marriage to Carta on her Instagram account, where she has four million followers. Almost two decades of dating, a common daughter and many attempts to go down the aisle later, the couple made their relationship official in an intimate and civil ceremony held at Rome’s city hall, as the Italian newspaper had already announced. Il Corriere della Serawho was aware of the link because it was on the list released by the consistory. For the occasion, the Italian chose an ivory dress, accompanied by a jacket in the same tone and a pearl necklace.

Pausini and Carta met in 2005 when he was chosen as the touring guitarist. Although at first the spark didn’t jump between them, little by little they got to know each other and eventually fell in love. It wasn’t easy beginnings for the Italian artist, who found it difficult to relate to him: her religious ideals prevented her from dating a divorced man who had three children from his previous marriage. “It took me a long time to accept this love, I didn’t want our story to hurt their children,” he explained in an interview with the magazine. I am not. The first kiss would come days later, when the guitarist invited her to a disco, despite Pausini not liking parties.

In 2012, after seven years of relationship, Carta asked the interpreter of Gone. But fate meant that they could not go down the aisle: a week later she discovered that she was pregnant with their first and only daughter in common, Paola, who was born in 2013. “We decided to wait for her to bring us the rings”, he explained. artist for Hello! in an interview last year. They tried again in 2021, but the pandemic prevented it. “I’m a big fan of numbers and my favorite is eight. We wanted to get married in the year my daughter fulfills them, in 2021. It coincided with the pandemic and we didn’t want a wedding with masks ”, he told the same magazine. And the third time was the charm. Although the marriage was not formalized, the couple already felt married, the trainer from the program The voice.

During these 18 years of relationship, Pausini and Carta remained close both personally and at work. They went through difficult times, but always united. Becoming parents was not easy. They spent five years trying, and even the artist came to think that her dream of becoming a mother would never come true. She even thought about adopting, but it was a very time-consuming process. Finally, they decided to start the paperwork for it, but she got pregnant that same year.

Laura Pausini and Paolo Carta during the Italian artist’s show, in Turin, on October 26, 2018.Alessandro Bosio (Light Rocket via Getty)

As far as marriage is concerned, the artist has explained in more than one interview her refusal to go up to the altar in Italy until homosexual marriages were not legal in her country. “If my best friend wants to get married but can’t because she’s a lesbian, I won’t get married,” she argued in an interview in Mexico. Finally, in May 2016, civil union was approved in Italy, but not marriage, with which couples do not have the right to adopt and become parents.