IOn the night of January 19th, Lucas, an 8 year old boy from Madrid, was having dinner at home with his parents -Ainhoa ​​​​​​and Borja- and his sister -Gabriela- with the sports news in the background. One piece caught her attention. The trophy received by Gavi, a Barcelona player, ​​for being the MVP of the Spanish Super Cup final, was compared to the prize of five dozen eggs that Kennedy Musonda, a 28-year-old Zambian player, received at the same time . the same landmark in the MTN/FAZ Super Division.

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After dinner went normally, but when it was time to go to bed, Lucas’ mother noticed that her son was crying inconsolably without knowing why.. “The two won the same thing, but they gave a trophy to Gavi and some eggs to Kennedy. It’s unfair!”, explains the boy in MARCA. Although the mother tried to explain to him that in certain countries of the world five boxes of eggs is a treasure, the boy did not understand the injustice.. “If Gavi gets a drink, why not Musonda?” he asks. Ainhoa ​​managed to console her son by accepting the idea of ​​sending him one of the medals she collected in hockey tournaments.hoping that the next day he would forget about it.

And is that Lucas does not play football (nor is he a big fan of football), but hockey. “I signed up for hockey because it’s so much fun”, confesses who on his mother’s side he has a whole saga (usoz) linked to the stick. “I play soccer at school, I have fun, but what I really like is hockey”, emphasizes Lucas, who militates in the Complutense team, with whom he trains two days a week and competes on Saturdays. “I play as an attacking midfielder or as a striker. I like to score goals, like Musonda,” he says, laughing.

Move heaven and earth for the desire of a child

“I thought it would be a temporary outburst from a child and that the next day would pass, but the first thing he did when he got up was reminding me that in the afternoon I would have to write a letter and choose a medal to send to Kennedy”, he says. he. Ainhoa, who would have the difficult task of locating the player.

The first thing he did was call Angie Rigueiro, journalist with whom he maintains a relationship, which confirmed that the source of the video transmission was social networks and the origin was completely unknown to them. Then tried his luck with the club’s website, the RFEF, the Zambian Consulate in Madrid and even the Bishopric. He even tried his luck at social media, where the only thing he checked was the number of fake profiles in existence. “For more than a month it became an obsession. With each group of friends we met, we asked if they had contacts in Zambia”, explains Borja.

so much diving Through the virtual world, the social media algorithm bombarded Ainhoa ​​​​with news related to African football. Among them, the one who would eventually solve the riddle. ‘Kennedy Musonda signs for Tanzania’s African youth’. Lucas’ mother wrote to the Spanish ambassador in Tanzania, Jorge Moragas, and explained the situation. “I told him that I understood that it was a minor issue, but that for my son it was of the utmost importance,” says Ainhoa. The ambassador’s response was exquisite.

A star of Tanzania’s ‘Real Madrid’

Moragas located the player with the help of LaLiga representative in Tanzania, Jorge Gazapo, who put him in contact with club president Hersi Said. “Young Africans are Real Madrid here and Kennedy is La Liga’s top scorer and one of its main stars. Football is the most popular sport and, although the material development is not remarkable, it has many fans and it is normal to see people following the matches of their teams in the streets and bars”, comments the ambassador. George organized an act“simple but formal” at the embassy -located in the city of Dar es Salaam- where he delivered Lucas’ gifts and discovered the story of a Kennedy Musonda who in his youth he played for six months at FC Santboià in the Spanish Third Division.

“All this effort from Spain for an 8-year-old boy who loves hockey. The sport reminds us every day that we are a global village and inspiration can come from anyone”, he reflected on his social networks. Musonda, who in addition to giving Lucas a shirt, wanted to meet the guy virtually and last Saturday they had a video call in which they could talk a little about football, hockey and the values ​​of sport that are also values ​​of life.

Lucas doesn’t believe he did anything extraordinary, but an act of justice. But your story is an example of the strength of sport, which is capable of breaking barriers and crossing borders to unite, in this case, two people who don’t even know each other. “In the little follies of a child, great opportunities can arise to educate them in values. With this story we learn that the little things always matter and that being kind to those around you can have great effects”, says Ainhoa ​​​​while proudly waved his son’s blond hair.