7:39 pmArsenal is the leader with 6 points more than Manchester City (who have a pending game). Liverpool are in 8th, 12 points behind the Champions League.

7:38 pmMartinelli and Gabriel Jesus put Arsenal up 0-2, while Salah and Firmino equalized for Liverpool. The great figure of the match was Ramsdale, Arsenal’s goalkeeper, with his great defenses.




95+1′Again a tremendous save from Ramsdale! Before Konaté, on the line

95′Ramsdale, hero of Arsenal again! Prevent Salah from scoring

93′Salah, over the crossbar! It could have been Liverpool’s third goal, but it missed. He scored the first for the ‘Reds’ and missed a penalty.

91′An Alexander-Arnold shot goes wide. Liverpool are looking for a third goal against Arsenal. The game, exciting until the end.


88′Tierney replaces Zinchenko at Arsenal

86′LIVERPOOL DRAW! ‘Caño’ by Alexander-Arnold for Zinchenko and the center of the English right-back for Firmino to equalize with a header.


84′A move by Saka, who fails to score Arsenal’s third goal. Alisson catches the ball.

83′Yellow card to Saka

83′Arsenal’s first corner of the second half. Saka serves. Gabriel finishes with a header, but the ball is deflected by Alisson.

80′RAMSDALE SAVES THE ARSENAL! The goalkeeper ‘top scorer’ prevents Darwin Núñez from scoring. The Arsenal goalkeeper (who had already made another great save against Salah) was masterful.

80′Trossard joins Gabriel Jesus and Kiwior joins Odegaard

78′Firmino replaces Fabinho at Liverpool

77′Good arrival from Arsenal, with a Saka center that no Arsenal player can take advantage of.

75′Thiago, back from injury, is speeding up the ball for Liverpool.

73′ AVOID THIRD PARTY LIVERPOOL! Alisson took control of the ball after a good defensive action by Andy Robertson, providential for Arsenal not to score the third goal.

71′Van Dijk saves the furniture for Liverpool! The Dutch central defender comes to repair another error by the ‘red’ defense and Arsenal does not get the third.


69′Liverpool try again and again, but Mikel Arteta’s side know how to defend their advantage.

68′Holding sends the ball for a corner. He tries against Liverpool, but Partey removes the danger. Jürgen Klopp’s team dominates again, but without clear chances.

65′Arsenal close in on Alisson, trying to stop what has been an ongoing attack from Liverpool. The ‘Gunners’ did not take advantage of the move, which continued to win by 1-2.

63′Second corner in favor of Liverpool in this second half, but Arsenal defend well in their area.

61′It’s Thiago’s reappearance after the injury. It has been inactive since February 4

59′Thiago Alcántara joins to replace Curtis Jones and Darwin Núñez, from Diogo Jota.

56′BIG RAMSDALE STOP! The Arsenal goalkeeper’s intervention prevents Salah from scoring Liverpool’s second goal (also from the Egyptian, who missed a penalty).

55′Yellow card to Fabinho for tackling Saka

54′Liverpool are still on the attack, trying not to be put down by Salah’s failure to convert the penalty.

53′Nio can turn Salah’s penalty and Liverpool are unable to equalize the score. Follow 1-2 in favor of Arsenal.

53′ He throws out Salah!

52′Yellow card to Ramsdale

52′The referee signals Rob Holding’s penalty on Diogo Jota

51′Penalty for Liverpool!

49′It’s Liverpool who have possession of the ball at the start of the second half, who dominate Arsenal, the ‘red’ team with great pace but at the moment unable to equalize the score.

48′Liverpool attacks and Salah shoots, but, well covered, he knocks the ball out of the net. The Egyptian received a pass from Gakpo.

47′Get the Ramsdale ball! Gakpo cannot control it.

46′Arsenal start to bother from the start, the result of an approach on the left wing by Martinelli, but Liverpool’s defense is no stranger.

46′The second half begins, with no changes in either team


18:24At half-time, Arsenal are leading Liverpool 1-2. Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus scored for Arsenal, while Salah closed the gap for Liverpool.

18:21Liverpool players will protest against the referee



Rescue Ramsdale from the Arsenal! With your stop. After a delivery to the far post by Alexander-Arnold. Henderson shoots wide.


Gabriel Jesus, treated on the field after receiving a hit from Fabinho. The atmosphere, hot at Anfield just before half-time. Jesus, very angry.

44′Salah has restored hope to Liverpool. The game is currently back and forth in this section.

43′A blow that Martinelli receives on the shoulder, the referee considers that Konaté caught the ball cleanly.

42′ Anfield root for Alexander-Arnold! After his failed goal by Gabriel Jesus and his fight with Xhaka

41′LIVERPOOL CLOSES DISTANCES! Salah takes oil, correcting a previous mistake, after Henderson’s ball.


40′Yellow cards for Xhaka and Alexander-Arnold

39′ Showdown between Xhaka and Alexander-Arnold! Their respective companions separate them. The rithrrafe is born in a leg from Xhaka to Alexander-Arnold, who hits the back of the Arsenal midfielder.

37′Arsenal rule at Anfield thanks to goals from Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus without Liverpool finding weapons in attack or rebounding in defense to turn the game around. At least for now.

36′It remains for Gabriel Jesus to serve. On this occasion, Liverpool’s defense manages to fend off the danger.

33′Salah fails the auction! The Egyptian star catches a long ball, but kicks it with his toe and the ball goes wide. Nothing comes out this Sunday for Liverpool.

32′Liverpool have won their last 6 games against Arsenal at Anfield.


31′Yellow card to Gabriel Jesus for foul on Gabriel Jesus

28′Gabriel Jesus was left free of marking, who hit the ‘Red’ rear with a header. Arsenal wins back to Liverpool’s defence. Alexander-Arnold, lost.

28′BRAND GABRIEL JESUS! Again a move by Martinelli (after Zinchenko’s long pass), Liverpool’s defense sank once more and the Brazilian striker put the score at 0-2.


26′Liverpool now manage to have more possession, but Arsenal’s defense is firm. The ‘red’ team cannot find the goal.

24′Good defense by Rob Holding in an aerial duel, in a play with a beautiful shot by Alexander-Arnold. Liverpool struggle to react.

23′Yellow card to Ben White for fouling Diogo Jota


19′ The opportunity that Robertson missed! The Scot, after receiving a pass from Fabinho, had a golden opportunity, but the ball went wide.

18′Salah tries again but the ball misses Curtis Jones

16′ Gabriel Jesus shoots high! The truth is that Arsenal managed to score the second goal. Liverpool’s defensive problems. Nobody helps Robertson with Bukayo Saka.

fifteen’Salah tries to launch a counterattack but Gakpo is unable to reach the ball. Liverpool are currently unable to react after Martinelli’s goal. Liverpool do not maintain possession of the ball.

14′Both Liverpool and Arsenal started well pressing, but the ‘gunners’ have been able to take advantage to advance on the scoreboard.

13′Yet another difficult afternoon for Liverpool in this Premier League that has long since become an ordeal for the ‘Reds’. Already losing to leaders Arsenal at Anfield

eleven’Alisson deflects the ball! Dangerous shot by Zinchenko, but the Liverpool goalkeeper successfully intervenes. Arsenal are looking for the second goal.

9′Liverpool attacked, but Martinelli was the one who scored the first goal of this great game at Anfield.

MARTINELLI! The leader commands the scoreboard at Anfield with a goal by the Brazilian international

8′Arsenal come out with the ball thrown, side to side, with electricity, Martinelli arrives first, it seems that the ball lands behind him, but he defends and beats Allison.


05′Gakpo proves it! The Dutch international shoots, but the shot goes too high. He is now attacking Liverpool.

04′Continue the game. Diogo Jota’s first move down the left, Arsenal recover the ball, but Fabinho manages to deactivate the gunners’ move

two’Liverpool responds with a great strike from Salah. Frantic start to the game at Anfield between Liverpool and Arsenal

1′Arsenal’s first chance! A great move by Martinelli, reaching the bottom line. Konate heel. Arsenal scores the first corner

1′This is the Liverpool lineup: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Konaté, Van Dijk, Robertson, Fabinho, Henderson, Curtis Jones (surprise), Diogo Jota, Salah, Gakpo.

17:31The match begins!

17:30A moving tribute to the 96 people who lost their lives in the 1989 Hillsbourough tragedy

17:29Welcome to Anfield!

Ready for Liverpool-Arsenal!