Loyola University presents its Faculty of Health Sciences in Córdoba

The rector of Loyola University, Gabriel Pérez Alcalá, publicly presented this Wednesday the Faculty of Health Sciences to the Cordovan society of the Official College of Nursing of Córdoba. In an act that was welcomed by Natalia Pérez Fuillerat, president of the College, and was attended by the new Rector, Antonio Núñez Roldán, Pérez Alcalá explained that the titles that will be taught cover all areas related to caring for others and take care of yourself as a person throughout your life and this in Córdoba will be reflected in the new Degree in Nursing.

Pending the approval of the verification process by the Evaluation and Accreditation Directorate (DEVA) of the Andalusian Knowledge Agency, for the titles of Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Biotechnology, which complete its current offer in Health Sciences, the University already offers degrees in Pharmacy, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. The latter is taught in the current course on the Cordovan campus.

The area of ​​Health Sciences at the University of Loyola reproduces the integrated University FRS (Training/Research/Society) model that works not only on Training itself, but also on other related aspects, such as Research around the different disciplines, as well as the relationships and contact with companies, sectors and institutions whose activity is related to the areas of study addressed.

Loyola College of Health Sciences by Numbers

The Loyola University of Health Sciences project contemplates the use of a total of almost 2,500 square meters, both in the first expansion that is being carried out at Campus Dos Hermanas (Seville) and which will start operating in September of this year, as well as in the facilities of its Campus in Córdoba, where the Nursing course will also be taught, and which will represent about 400 square meters of the total.

The Córdoba Campus, where the degree in Nursing will be taught and teaching of the degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences began this year, will have two laboratories, a consultation area, an inpatient unit, a multimodal room for the development of clinical competences and briefing and debriefing rooms Once all the grades have been distributed in all the courses, the faculty will receive approximately 500 students on Campus Córdoba.

These numbers support one of the most innovative and largest projects in Andalusian higher education, which responds to the need for health professionals that today’s society presents.

In the coming years, the Jesuit university will also have created four new doctoral programs, three new departments and four new research institutes that will complete its ecosystem in this field.

During his presentation, the rector of Loyola University thanked all the companies and institutions related to the different fields of Health Sciences in Córdoba for their interest and welcome that were interested in the project and signed collaboration and practice agreements. In the last year, Loyola closed more than a hundred agreements with all kinds of entities, including the different Professional Associations of the various disciplines, private hospitals and primary care centres, as well as specialized clinics and companies of all kinds linked to a discipline or another, many of whose representatives accompanied the university in a family photo taken at the end of the act.

“Loyola culminates with the fields of Health and Arts the model of a complete university of the Society of Jesus that is concerned with educating its students in what is right, in what is just, in what is useful, in what is healthy, in what it is transcendent and in what is beautiful”, said the rector of Loyola University, Gabriel Pérez Alcalá.

Collaboration with the Faculty of Nursing of Córdoba

For her part, the president of the Córdoba College of Nursing, Natalia Pérez, highlighted that the Córdoba College, as the highest representative of the discipline of nursing, “has the responsibility to be part of the development and implementation of this new nursing project in our province.” Natalia Pérez stated that, although the increase in university vacancies for nurses is seen as a threat to the employability of some sectors, the reality is that more professionals are needed to cover the present and future demands of society.

The president recalled that, according to the latest data provided by the General Council of Nursing, in the province of Córdoba “we must increase a total of almost 1,900 nurses to reach the EU average and consolidate quality care and, therefore, well-being of society. This increase in nurses depends not only on training a larger number, but also on increasing the ratio of nurses, taking into account the level of complexity of care that exists, this point being one of the main objectives of our College”.

The Faculty of Nursing of Córdoba will collaborate with Loyola University, bringing its services closer to members and ensuring academic and research development based on the revaluation of the nursing profession in the province of Córdoba.

The dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Antonio Núñez, indicated that: “with the ecosystem of agreements and collaborative practices that Loyola University has built with Hospitals, clinics, professional associations, companies and institutions in the field of health, we all win: by on the one hand, our students will be able to carry out their regulated clinical practices and, on the other hand, several centers are joining the university world, which will be a great stimulus for their professionals.” “So much for their modern teaching methods, which incorporate virtual reality, advanced clinical simulation and problem-based learning (PBL), as well as its solid faculty, as well as the perfect combination of scientific-technical knowledge and human values ​​in its curriculum, I am convinced that Loyola University will be a revulsion in the Andalusian and Spanish university world”, added Núñez.

Admission Tests to Health Sciences Courses

In order to continue to promote its culture of excellence and quality in this new area of ​​study in Health Sciences, the University of Loyola has established a demanding process for accessing its admission tests to courses in Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy and Psychology.

Students wishing to be admitted to any of these Degrees must register and submit the documentation online by March 31, 2023 on the University’s admissions platform. With this, you access a single admission test, which consists of carrying out several aptitude tests and others that assess the level of English, and which will be sealed in person on April 22, 2023, candidates may choose to take it on the Córdoba Campus or on the Seville Campus, whichever is the campus where the course to which they wish to be admitted is taught.

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