The Palacio de la Oliva in Vigo was tonight the stage for the presentation of LUA Gaming, the first esports team in Galiciathat comes with the intention of revolutionize the gaming ecosystems with an initiative never seen before. With the support of the athletes Ana Peleteiro and Iago Aspas and the comedian and influencer Xurxo Carreño as ambassadors, the new club was born with strength and with the clear objective of competing at the highest level in national and international video game tournaments such as the League of Legends, Valorant, Simracing or FIFA.

The true revolution, however, comes from the hand of “four pillars on which the LUA will be based“, in the words of the CEO of the initiative, Cristian González. The young man from Ourense explained that the newly born team arrives to “create unique experiencessuch as educational workshops to prevent problems such as cyberbullying or digital exclusion, academies for the development of local talent or the creation of content adapted to new forms of consumption”.

As he said in his speech during the event, the The first digital entertainment and games company in Galiciawas born “out of a need, to be educational and social integration tool“. In this way, it will establish itself as a sports club that will also be dedicated to organizing events, creating content and education, through workshops for people of all ages. “It will be an entertainment space adapted to consumer trends”, he added: “We are going to make Galicians proud”. “LUA is a dream come true, which is to bring gaming and esports to our landconcluded Gonzalez.

luxury ambassadors

Olympic medalist Ana Peleteiro, international footballer Iago Aspas and comedian and influencer Xurxo Carreño are the ambassadors chosen by LUA Gaming to launch its newly launched team. “I was very excited about the project and the name, because I had just decided that my daughter would be called that and I thought that this had to be my team”, said an emotional Peleteiro during the presentation. “Galicia is everything to me, it’s where I feel best“, he explained, which is why he decided that, despite confessing that he is not a player, “I can give the team my competitive streak”. , I wish you good luck”.

Along with them at tonight’s event in Vigo was the Xunta delegate in the city, Marta Fernández-Tapias, who stated that “You can’t pick a better place to launch a company like LUA” in reference to the recently renovated Palacio de la Oliva. He also praised the idea of”blend Gen Z technology with education and camaraderie and do it with several generations”, assuring that video games are “a spectacular world that grows non-stop: this is a very promising project“.

The mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, also did not want to miss the event.thanked LUA Gaming for choosing “the best city in the world” to present this new company. “We feel very comfortable every time someone starts a business initiative from Vigo because we are the economy city“He added. Furthermore, laughing, he concluded that” whenever I participate in a game I win and if I don’t win it’s as if I won: it’s a matter of attitude “, as LUA will do:”You are at the right time, in the right place and you will succeed.“(“You are at the right time, in the right place and you will succeed”).