Lucia Rivera

  • ‘Nothing is what it seems’, the first book by Lucía Rivera, will be on sale in bookstores on March 22

  • Blanca Romero’s daughter reveals in this publication that she was mistreated by her first two companions

Lucía Rivera, biological daughter of white romero and adoptive of Cayetano Rivera It was opened on the channel in a publication that will be released on March 22. Under the title ‘Nothing is what it seems’ and through different chapters such as ‘Bullying’, ‘Addictions’, ‘Fears’, ‘Fame’, ‘Harassment’, ‘Light’ and ‘Reconstruction’, the 24 years old He “emptied a backpack that weighed tons” in a book in which he tells in the first person how complicated his life has been.

The model addresses for the first time physical and psychological abuse who suffered from your first two couples. The first of them controlled her phone, the clothes she wore and even forbade her to meet her friends. “As I tried to get rid of those chains, he tightened them tighter. Showed up at my door, came screaming, looked for men in the closet thinking I was cheating on him and yelled at me until I gave him my number and let him review it”, reports in these pages, where he recalls that things got worse in his next relationship.

Although she was comfortable with her second boyfriend at first, in the end not only did he do the same things as his predecessor, but he also ended up assaulting her on numerous occasions. “The first time I don’t even remember well, because there were many, more and more. I always excused him by blaming the fact that he was on drugs and I understood that this was a ‘normal’ way of relating, that I could make him change, that it was my fault”, he believes he saw in her a “perfect victim, almost made to measure, a girl with a lot of internalized abuse” .

Lucía Rivera was physically abused by her second boyfriend

The “fights” increased month by month, both with him and with his environment, which was also a victim of his painful situation. “His infidelities, which were not few, managed to make me smaller and smaller and filled me with rage. I always defended Aitor tooth and nail”, names his attacker. “I don’t know why, but I can assure you that I really admired him. I remember his eyes, bulging out of their sockets, bleeding with rage, and his frown looking at me as he exclaimed all kinds of threats and I held my neck against the wall. I felt a kind of death inside me”, he remembers having “bruises even on the ears”.

Lucía, who clarifies in this autobiography that “Never” considered taking legal action “for fear of the consequences I could pay”, he assumes that “learning to love in this context ends you”. “It’s fucking hard to recover. But just getting out of there gives you back the life the attacker stole from you. It’s like finally opening a trunk you’ve been locked in and with someone on top of you who’s been resisting. It’s kicking out. strong and taking all the air he needed”, he transcribes inside how he felt when he decided to distance himself from the striker.