In the life of Lucía Rivera, not everything was rosy. The model, biological daughter of Blanca Romero and adopted daughter of Cayetano Rivera, opens up like never before in her book ‘Nothing is what it seems’, in which she reveals some of the most difficult experiences of her life: confesses to having been mistreated by two former companions and also talks about the problems he had with food. “The -psychological- abuse I suffered in the first relationship ended up being physical in the second.. Now that I stop to think about it, I recognize that I was the perfect victim, almost made to measure, a girl with a lot of internalized abuse, possessive jealousy, insults and intermittent reinforcements”, Lucía confesses in her book.

    “The first time I don’t even remember well, because there were many, each time more. I always apologized, blaming him on the fact that he was on drugs and understood that this was a ‘normal’ way of relating, that I would be able to make him change , that I was to blame… But the fights increased month after month, not only with him, but with everyone around me. Your infidelities, which were not few, managed to make me smaller and smaller and filled me with rage”, says the model in the pages of ‘Nothing is what it seems’ BUY.

    lucia rivera, book 'nothing is what it seems'

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    Lucía recognizes that “in this book I emptied a backpack that weighed tons”. The influencer reveals the difficult chapters she experienced in this tempestuous relationship. “I’ve always defended Aitor -his former partner- tooth and nail. I don’t know why, but I assure you that I felt real admiration for him. He broke furniture, dishes, threw doors, windows, broke my clothes and everything in front of his eyes.. And, of course, it broke me. Yes, he knew very well how, where and how hard to hit. I remember his eyes, bulging, bloodied with rage, and the frown looking at me as he exclaimed all kinds of threats and grabbed my neck against the wall. I felt a kind of death inside me, I had bruises even on the earsand no, it never crossed my mind to file a lawsuit”, he reveals in the book.

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    “It’s hard as fuck to bounce back. But just getting out of there gives you back the life the attacker stole from you. It’s like finally opening a trunk you’ve been locked tightly in and with someone on top of you who’s been resisting.. It’s going out with a strong kick and taking all the air that was missing, ”she says.

    Lucía Rivera and her problems with food

    The model has spoken several times about her mental health issues and the anxiety she has suffered since childhood. In his book, he also talks about his problems with food. “Since I was a little girl I suffered from a horrible complex about my body. I struggled especially with my legs and I wore a double leotard when I had to wear a uniform. The girls would lift our skirts up to our asses to notice the cowardly look of the boys as they passed. I also put one pair of pants on top of the other to “cheat” and pretend more ass. She forced me to eat to gain weight, have curves and feel sexy. like the other girls, because my thinness was ridiculed, especially during puberty”, recognizes the model.

    Lucía experienced a major professional setback in her early days, when some brands didn’t want to count on her because of her thinness. It was then that her grandmother took her to the endocrinologist and they discovered that the model had TSH levels – test done to check the functioning of the thyroid – at 92.6 when the parameter must not exceed 6. The specialist prescribed a treatment that must be accompanied by a good diet.

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