Ithe best version of Luis Alberto (San José del Valle, 1992) returned. At the age of 30, ‘Il Mago’, a pure-blooded ‘fantasy’ who delights Lazio fans in every gameleft the problems with Sarri and market rumors behind for lead, along with Milinkovic-Savic, Zaccagni and Romani, Lazio to the Champions League. His recital against Juventus, days ago, was the last sample. A heel of genius to assist Zaccagni at 2-1. “I knew he was losing. It was difficult, but luckily he scored. If not, I’ll kill him”, confessed the Cádiz player with a smile on his face after the game.

The heel? I knew he was behind. It was tough so luckily he scored. if not i kill him

Luis Alberto, player of Lazio

It was at this meeting, precisely, when reached 200 matches in Serie A. 254 in total with Lazio. He arrived in 2016 from Liverpool for just €4 million and it didn’t take long for his value to skyrocket. His luggage is 46 goals and 65 assists, in addition to an Italian Cup and two Super Cups.

Luis Alberto puts Lazio at his feet: world-class ‘cue-assist’ and victory against Juve

Some numbers and a long contract (until 2025) thatCádiz’s desire to bring the ‘trequartista’ home was unfeasible. A footballer who started playing on the wing, started to share the shot with Immobile and, over the years, become a total insider with arrival in the rival area and freedom on the field. “If he and Milinkovic-Savic are there, we are another team,” Sarri acknowledged after beating Juventus.

If Luis Alberto and Milinkovic-Savic are there, we are another team

Maurizio Sarri, Lazio coach

Luis Alberto’s heat map this season.

It is this freedom that his football needs that drove him to ‘face’ Maurizio Sarri on occasion. The Tuscan coach, a lover of touch football but obsessed with balance, did not want to ‘let go’ of two insiders like Milinkovic-Savic and the Andalusian. Finally, the level of both forced him to give in. And Luis Alberto himself raised his defensive level as the days went by.

Luis Alberto, in a match with Sarri.

‘Forgotten’ by the National Team

However, just a connection with the Spanish team. It was in 2017, with Julen Lopetegui. He played 16 minutes in a friendly against Costa Rica. And then he was forgotten by the long list of coaches who passed through Las Rozas. Only Robert Moreno called him in 2019… but he didn’t play.

“My individual challenges are always to play, give more and improve, but clearly The number one desire, of course, is to always be at a high level to reach the Spanish national team. Wearing the shirt of my country is something great“, declared the Spaniard in an interview with ‘GOAL’ in 2019. His good numbers were of no use.

The number one wish, of course, is to always be at a high level to reach the Spanish national team.

Luis Alberto, player of Lazio

In 2017/18 he scored 12 goals and 19 assists but missed the World Cup in Russia, in 2019 there were 7 goals and 16 assists… and in the last 2021/22, 5 goals and 12 assists. In this journey, 6 goals and 5 assists put Luis De la Fuente on alert for future call-ups.

Luis Alberto debuted with the Spanish national team against Costa Rica.

Lead Lazio to the Champions League

With nine games to go (27 points at stake), Lazio are seven points clear of Inter: fifth place. Despite still having direct duels (traveling twice to Milan or Bergamo), Sarri’s men have a return to the Champions League in their hands two years after the last presence (in 2021 they were eliminated by Bayern in the round of 16).

resolved in an excellent defensive level (team that fits the least and with the most clean sheets in Serie A) thanks to Provedel, the Romagnoli-Casale couple and the work of Maurizio Sarri from the bench, Luis Alberto is the conductor of a midfield orchestra that, together with Napoli, puts on a show at ‘Calcio’.

Luis Alberto’s statistics on this course.

Himself Cesc Fabregasnow at Como in Serie B, recognized him a few days ago in an interview with ‘Corriere dello Sport’: “I had an old idea of ​​Italian football because the coaches I met prioritized defense and the Italian teams never came to take the ball away from us. But Spalletti or Sarri are changing that.”