Lydia Bosch on the set of ‘Vengeance is Mine’.

  • The Catalan actress, together with Natalia Rodríguez and José Sospedra, play the protagonists of this story of impossible love, revenge and unspeakable secrets.

  • Elena Furiase, Begoña Maestre, Armando del Río, Fanny Gautier, David Muro, Fátima Baeza, Mariam Hernández, Eve Ryan, Ibrahim Al Shami J., Claudio de la Torre, María Ramos, Miguel Brocca, Gonzalo Kindelán and José Ángel Trigo, among others other actors complete the artistic team of this new production.

What consequences can this have on someone’s life? decision taken at a critical moment in his past? What unusual strength can acquire the desire for revenge in a person who saw his dreams interrupted by the actions of others? What feeling can weigh the most on someone injured: the love or the resentment? the installments of ‘Vengeance is mine’, new daily fiction from Mediaset Spain, starring Lydia Bosch which is being filmed in Madrid.

The series, produced in collaboration with alea mediafits into the genre of melodrama and addresses the story of sonia hidalgoan energetic and fighting woman haunted by a terrible tragedy from the past Interpreted by Lydia Bosch. Natalia Rodriguez in the role of Olivia, Sonia’s daughter; It is José Sospedra like Mario, a young man in search of revenge, complete the trio of protagonists in this impossible love story, revenge It is unspeakable secrets.

The role of Sonia Hidalgo in her youth is played by Begona Master, which again coincides with Lydia Bosch after Telecinco’s legendary fiction ‘Motivos Personales’. Complete the series cast Ibrahim Al ShamiJ. as Fernando, the youngest son of the protagonist; Claudio de la Torre, Armando del Río, Elena Furiase, María Ramos, Miguel Brocca and Gonzalo Kindelán giving life to Orson, Alejandro, Lucía, Abir, Diego and Lorenzo, employees of Sonia’s select sports club; Fanny Gautier as a club member and Eva Ryanhis daughter; José Angel Trigo as Bosco, Olivia’s boyfriend; david wall in the role of Montes, an ex-policeman who works for Sonia; It is Fatima Baeza It is Mariam Hernandez, friends of Sonia and Orson, respectively.

‘Vengeance is mine’ updates the genre by diving into contemporary themessuch as women’s empowerment and diversity, through plots that maintain daily series elements, like impossible loves, a disturbing past, passion, addictive mysteries and an unstoppable revenge; a wide range of characters who run through the different layers of society, both on the spectrum of ages and social strata, from the powerful and elegant Sonia Hidalgo and her highly prepared daughter Olivia, to the mysterious maintenance manager (Mario), or the quirky ex-cop who jumps the boundaries of topics (Montes); and finally an attractive staged that provide their natural decoration in the atmosphere of an exclusive sports club.

A tragic accident triggers a plan for revenge 20 years later

A car crashes into a lake and begins to sink into the water. Inside the vehicle are Sônia and two girls who travel in the backseat, oblivious to the fate that awaits them. Time is running out and the desperate woman tries to free the girls, until she discovers she barely has a chance to save them both. One of them manages to rise to the surface with Sonia, while the other, trapped in the car, waits helplessly for death.

Two decades after the terrible event, Sonia is the influential and powerful owner of the exclusive sports club ‘Los Olivos’ and the girl she saved, Olivia, the daughter who, despite her attempts, never manages to live up to her mother’s expectations. Neither of them managed to forget that tragic afternoon and both don’t know that the past comes back to destroy them: Mario, a tormented young man whose unfortunate accident ruined his life and interrupted his childhood dreams, is willing to carry out a studied plan of revenge to make people suffer. Sonia and Olivia as much as they made him suffer. However, feelings will get in his way, leading him to face a great dilemma: choose love or move forward with his private reckoning.

‘Vengeance is mine’ was created by Aurora Guerra and has Juan Vicente Pozuelo and Roberto Goñi as responsible for coordinating the script; Pedro Martínez Cifuentes, David Montoya, Mikel Rada, Alexandra Graf and Ricardo Álvarez Solla in charge of the direction; and Jesús Font as executive producer.