Erling Haaland he is 22 years old and He is already one of the top scorers in the Champions League, a competition that has accumulated statistics for over 30 years. And the Norwegian breaks them all. Etihad was present on the day of the beast to annihilate Leipzig and ensure the presence, yet another edition, of Guardiola’s City in the quarterfinals. Three goals in just 45 minutes and two more in twelve minutes in the second halfwhich ended the debate, if there ever was one, about the offensive production of the attacker of the moment.

The qualifiers and numbers are exhausted to speak of the voracity of the 9 skyblue. Gone are records for early scoring for Ral or scoring production in fewer games for Van Nistelrooy. Not even Messi can keep up with him in this dance of numbers. The Norwegian, who is questioned by some reckless people for being two games without seeing the goal, He has already scored 39 goals in 37 games this season with Manchester City. In his first season, aged 22.

The match itself had little story beyond the Norwegian’s display. served to remind that De Bruyne is one of the main players in Guardiola’s team -wasn’t in the first leg- and that the English team is fearsome when they put the machine to work. He dominated from start to finish under the Belgian’s direction and piled up chances until the goals collapsed under their own weight. Norwegian giant pounds.

disputed penalty

The party unfolded, yes, with a controversial action. After a chance by Gndogan and a solo by Haaland himself, Rodri’s header from a corner kick grazed the arm of henrichs. the slovenian Vincic saw nothing but Hernandez Hernandez, from VAR, decided to warn the referee of the infraction. Haaland did not fail from eleven meters. On almost the next play, pressure from 9 citizens on Blaswich led to a De Bruyne shot hitting the post. In the rejection, the usual appeared to head to the net.

The third, just before the break, was a display of hunger with which Haaland leaves every game on the field. a butt of Ruben Dias hit the bat. The ball went over the goal line and, as Henrichs prepared to clear it, the City striker arrived to take it all forward and get in goal with the ball.

Guardiola ends the party

Any hint of a German miracle was erased with a stroke of the pen on his way back from the dressing room. After four minutes he put the lace Gndogan with a whip up front that was the fourth goal for Guardiola’s charges. And just when it looked like the Haaland festival had come to an end, the Norwegian appeared again. And twice. In a matter of five minutes he scored two more goals to turn Etihad on their heads.

And the story could go on if it weren’t for Guardiola received the coach’s logical attack and pushed his attacker away with the tie already resolved. From then on, with no incentive for the final stretch of the game, City slowed down, both teams moved on the benches and Etihad began to digest the historic night they had just witnessed. De Bruyne, with a great goal, closed the party. Erling Haaland is on his way to being the striker of strikers, the never-before-seen top scorer. Let Messi and Cristiano tremble. The Norwegian scores goals while sleeping and has a whole career ahead of him. The Champions League for City, with the giant in their ranks, I know it should be a must.