La Rosaleda had seen this game many times this season. But, for the first time, the result was not what was expected. Malaga managed this Monday a balmy victory in the game that closed the 33rd of mind. There are eight points that separate them from permanence, yes, but with the image offered in the last matches there are tangible reasons to believe.

Almost from the opening whistle, Sergio Pellicer’s men led the game. To the point that perhaps it was too risky, leaving him too exposed to the counterattacks of the Pepinero team’s fast forwards. José Arnaiz, just before the end of the quarter hour, and remembering what happened on the first lap, went up in the area and got the one-on-one against Rubén Yáñez… If it wasn’t for Cristian’s excellent defensive action, which set out to destroy it by lying on the ground. Commendable, once again, the work of this boy.

Arnaiz himself also had another ‘snack’ soon after, a shot from distance that forced Yáñez to lengthen, although without taking the ball away. But they were it. pecks. Isolated actions. And much more dangerous than those of a Málaga who had difficulty taking that step of shooting on goal. More because of the cucumber behind than because of the anchovies.

After a very venomous free-kick that didn’t find any bidders half an hour into the match, La Rosaleda got angry and started to whistle. It’s normal, they’ve seen this game many times this season. AND they saw coming what could happen.

Cristian and Febas overtook rivals in Málaga-Leganés (Photo: LaLiga).

The system change benefited Malaga

Pellicer did not want to expose himself to one less and at half-time he removed the warned Villalba -the game with Andorra will be lost- and Escassi, bringing on Chavarría and Luis Muñoz.

A tactical change looking for a little more verticality and the bite that was lacking in the first half. The arrival of the Argentine allowed them to dent the ball less and go faster. His was the first shot on goal, in hand in hand that stopped the Risk. But luck does not seem to be on the side of this Malaga.

With applause from the public, there was a moment, close to game time, when it looked like they had tied a Leganés that seemed to leave that bite we mentioned earlier in the dressing room.

Eager for points, but not as needy as Málaga, they seemed to take the tie forever and looked to slow the game down with constant stops. Until the magic was done.

It is noteworthy that Rubén Castro is not living up to expectations this season. But yours is very worth studying. He has always been a very intelligent nine, and this Monday he showed that his pulse does not tremble in these situations and he has the goal between his eyebrows.

He was where he needed to be to finish a loose ball that hit a defender in the goal. A goal that was celebrated twice: when he kissed the net and when VAR confirmed that there was no offside. La Rosaleda screamed for release. A little bit that can change a dynamic. It might be late, yeah but there are reasons to trust.