Mar Flores is one of the celebrities that most inspires us because she is always impeccable. The model is synonymous with elegance and good taste, so we don’t lose sight of your looks. Furthermore, Mar knows that to look perfect it is essential to be a beautiful, well-groomed mane. And that’s what we notice when we see that she stopped by her beauty salon and touched up her color.

Mar Flores shared the result of her long hair after going through Next Imagen Studio. As soon as we saw how beautiful her hair was thanks to the touches of color and hairstyle, we contacted the hairdresser to tell us what technique he used with the model to obtain such a beautiful result. .

Jesús Bejarano, hairdresser, colorist and owner of Next Imagen Studio, He told us about the lighting work they did with Mar Flores’s mane. From this hairdresser, they are experts in working with color. In fact, they are experts at eliminating unwanted orange tones, of oxidation colors. Thus, they know very well what to do in each case to obtain the most flattering result with the coloring techniques.