new year new life, says a saying that doesn’t go well with Mario Vargas Llosathat this March 28 turns 87 years old. It is true that in this 2023 his life took a radical turn after breaking up with Isabel Preysler, although in reality regained its former existence, the one I had before leave patriciallosa in 2015 by Filipino socialite.

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Currently installed in his native Peru, He’s having a hard time with his ex-wife, who, very proud, doesn’t leave his side like someone regain a castle under siege they are too your three happy children Álvaro, Morgana and Gonzalo and their eight grandchildren, because they never accepted that he left behind 50 years of marriage out of love for Isabel, causing a family split. now they are again a pineapple, as seen in early March, when Vargas Llosa and Patricia attended the wedding of their granddaughter Josefina together in Lima and the writer was seen enjoying himself with his family, schedule a dance.

Also, don’t stop receive recognition, and after his notorious admission in February to the Royal Academy of the French Language with King Juan Carlos, who named him marquis, as a guest, he received the Grand Collar of the Order of the Sun from Peru in March, highest distinction. It was imposed on him by the President of the Republic Dina Boluarte at the presidential palace, in a ceremony in which he was accompanied, as usual, by his ex-wife and son Álvaro. Very significant was the later image that he published of his father working in his office at the family home de Lima, now owned by Patrícia. corresponded to divorce division of property in 2016, in addition to the couple’s apartment in New York, while the writer He kept his apartment in Madrid on rue Flora, and the one in Paris.

Their surprising reconciliation, that some describe as a montage because there is a certain coldness between them, began to take shape before leaving Isabel’s residence in Puerta de Hierro at the end of November. The first rumors of crisis They broke out in July, although the couple have since left. traveling together to Ibiza, but then the writer was in Lima in September and there He met Patricia with whom, after her tumultuous divorce, there was great tension.

The announcement of their separation, which Preysler gave in Hello! on December 28th, it was the beginning of the hostilities among them by claiming that Isabel obsessive jealousy of the Nobel, which he denied. Something recurrent, because in the novel The genius by Jaime Bayly, recently published, is attributed to jealousy in this case of Patricia the cause of the punch that in 1976 Vargas Llosa gave to the also Nobel Garcia Marquez, blowing up your friendship. The Peruvian, who received 2023 with his son Álvaro in Paris, was seen dinner in Madrid in January in Italian ooh babbo with Patricia and her daughter Morgana.

But the attack exploded in Paris on February 9, when he was with his ex-wife for such a solemn ceremony as his admission to the Royal Academy of the French Language. The day before, the two even posed with their children in their Parisian residence, images that the eldest son posted on Instagram with a suggestive message: “Nobody so deserved to be in the front row Like my mother, my father owes so much of his work to no one, he proclaimed it many times.”

Their love story began in Paris when Mario, after divorce his aunt Julia Urquidi, 10 years older and married at 19, married in 1965. Patricia Llosa is her first cousin and niece of the first and mother of his three children. a marriage with many comings and goings by the writer, the incorrigible Don Juan, who in the end I always came back to Patricia’s armsas she herself warned Isabel Preysler in a leaked letter.

“Patricia solves problems, manages the economy, keeps away journalists and intruders, makes appointments and trips, packs and unpacks his bags, and even when he scolds me saying ‘Mario, you’re only good for writing’, he praises me a lot”, said the writer in 2010 when he received the Nobel Prize, but five years later, after the death of Miguel Boyer, He made closer contact in Madrid with Isabel, that he met in 1984 when he conducted an interview for Hello! The socialite called to invite the couple to see the Oscar gala at his mansion from Puerta de Hierro, but as Patricia was in Peru taking care of her mother, Mario came alone and from there they turned inseparable. Nobody expected that after eight years, what was believed to be one of the most stable couples on the national scene, would explode, leaving for the first time touched the immaculate image of Isabel. Even less so that the writer returned to his ex-wife, although there are those who suspect that in this reconciliation there is some revenge and the need to clean up the image of Vargas Llosa, who is said to be intent on becoming future president of Peru, something he tried in 1990 without success.

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