Madridistas, I’ve been here for three years with a lot of injuries, a lot of things… But next year I’ll give everything for you”. Eden Hazard looked up at the Madrid sky and made a promise to his fans in celebration of the fourteenth at the Santiago Bernabeu. His words received the affection of his teammates and the applause of a large part of the alvinegra fans, who still did not stop dreaming of recovering the best version of the Belgian.

Hazard’s promise to Real Madrid: “Next year…”

The ’10’ arrived at Real Madrid being the most expensive signing in its history (100 million euros) and after almost four yearsHazard lives one of the worst moments of his entire football career. The absence of minutes this season (296′ divided between Champions, League and Cup) made its market value drop to hell. At the age of 32, the value of the Belgian footballer bottomed out to 5 million after losing 2.5 million in the last update according to the specialized website transfer market. Remember that when he signed for the Whites his market value was 150 million euros.

Devastating data and its 296 minutes

“I always said, I’m going to go back to being the one who chained matches and minutes”, came to guarantee after a game with Belgium. However, Eden’s reality is very different at Real Madrid, after having completed an unusual bicentennial with the white shirt just over two weeks ago and where he only managed to contribute with seven goals and eleven assists in 73 matches. In this season, in which Eden promised his resurgence, he played just 296 minutes: 131′ in the Champions League (one goal and one assist), 98′ in the League and 67′ in the King’s Cup.

Ancelotti: “Hazard has been very honest, we don’t talk much”

The Belgian winger has 20 consecutive games without playing a single minute with Real Madrid (He missed six due to injury), something that doesn’t happen to any other player on the squad. A devastating piece of information that made him vent about his current situation during an interview with RTBF in Belgium: “I want to have fun on the field. Training is good but what keeps us alive is the games. I hope I can contribute something and that the coach continues to count on me, I hope. Let’s see if I can play something at the end of the season. It’s up to me to show him in training that he can count on me.“, guaranteed. And is that Hazard has less impact/opportunities than players with residual participation like Odriozola, Vallejo or Mariano.

Your football ‘problems’

Your strength is your greatest punishment. Anyone who has watched Eden Hazard play from time to time must instantly realize that his dribbling is his greatest strength and that rivals have a hard time stopping him without committing a foul. The combination of its low center of gravity -1.75 meters- and its ripped explosives complete a Molotov cocktail which has not failed to lead him down the path of bitterness in recent years.

Hazard’s football is what he’s got: the action he has to take every game

The Belgian ’10’ is a master when it comes to using his body to protect the ball: attracts the rival to his net and when he feels the contact, he takes the opportunity to gain the necessary momentum to leave his partner with a quick change of direction. Hazard’s football is what he has. The Belgian playmaker receives countless kicks (unnecessarily) for protecting the ball with his body. Rivals arriving from behind are unable to brake in time and end up sending Eden to the pitch. A style of football that led him to lead, between 2010 and 2020, the ranking of footballers from the 5 major leagues who most missed green (1030): 230 fouls more than the runner-up, the Finnish footballer Perparim Hetemaj and 328 more than Leo Messi. Some numbers that They perfectly sum up the magnitude of his football and that ended up taking its toll in the injury section.

Hazard’s salary

as reported four sports, the Belgian star has a record 15 million euros per season. Something that makes him the player who earns the most in LaLiga ahead of players like Lewandowski, Griezmann or Benzema. A high salary that should receive 1.25 million euros per month, 292,000 euros per week and around 42,000 euros per day.