In 2019, and after leaving the vice-presidency of Technical Committee of RefereesJosé María Enríquez Negreira began to analyze the matches of the Santander League from the point of arbitration in the sports press of Catalonia. During the 19/20 season, he dedicated himself to developing brief analyzes of all matches of the day and evaluating each referee with scores from one to five. The referee who got the most average in his analysis, and therefore his favorite, was Martinez Munuera.

After leaving the CTA and ending, in principle, the relationship with Barcelona, Black Enrichment He began to collaborate with the sports press in Catalonia, preparing short analyzes of all the games of the day. He put notes for referees and commented on the most controversial plays.

It was coincidentally at that time, on 19/20, as it was known a few days ago, when slave he said to barcelonaonce the payments are finalized, that “I can help you with the VAR». With the stoppage of the pandemic in between, that League ended up winning the real Madrid in Zidane It is slave He told the Barça squad that “it would have been better with me”.

Black Enrichment analyzed in detail all the games of the 19/20 season in a section on sports world that was called “The League Judge” and where the former number two of the umpires appeared with a card. He did so regularly until matchday 27, the date on which the League stopped due to Covid. After the restart of the competition, he continued to evaluate the referees but with less regularity and leaving many games along the way, some of them very important. “He didn’t paint anything and nobody knew him”, but a year after leaving CTA was in the Catalan press carrying out arbitral analysis of First division.

Black Enrichment

The Classic Camp Nou

A curiosity stands out above all in the analysis of the arbitration of Black Enrichment. He valued all the matches of the Santander League without exception from the first day until the 27th, when the League stopped because of Covid, with the exception of one: the Barcelona-Real Madrid of Camp Nou. That match ended in a 0-0 tie and Hernández Hernández took two very clear penalties over varane with Burgos Bengoetxea at the VAR. The canarian referee, despite this, ended the season with the fourth best average of the season for slave.


your favorite

Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira He rated the referees one to five after each game during the 2019/2020 season. After counting all the notes of the former vice president of CTAthe referee who obtained the best average was Martinez Munuera. He never placed a five, but the Alicante referee filled his notes with a four during that season.

A season later, in 20/21, Martínez Munuera was blamed for the real Madrid lose that League after refereeing a non-existent penalty in favor of seville on matchday 35 due to an unintentional hand from military that outraged the white entity and served as a title to the Atletico Madrid because of that tie against the Andalusians.


Alberola and Sánchez Martínez on the podium

Alberola Rojas, who a few days ago took a resounding penalty from Kessie about fran perez on a Barcelona–Valenciaand Sánchez Martínez, whom he fears vinicius each time the whistle blows, they were the second and third most valued referees, respectively, for Black Enrichment after the 19/20 season.

Hernandez Hernandezafter not evaluating slave his refereeing scandal at the Clássico del Camp Nou of 2019, was fourth after accounting for all ratings of the former number two of referees in sports world. Fernandez Roadwho filed a lawsuit against himself slave After the scandal became known, he was the fifth most valued collegiate by the former vice president of the CTA.

Mateu Lahoz he was eighth despite having received four out of five in the evaluation of the Clássico of the second round where he won the real Madrid with ease and from the big hill He was sixth with a great ranking on the first day officiating the barge along with a comment where he stated slave it had been brilliant. The worst rating in a match, one one, was made by Burgos Bengoetxea which was in the middle of the table and the classification closed Cuadra Fernandezas the worst referee according to the ratings of slave.

He stopped evaluating Barça after matchday 30

When the League stopped due to Covid in the 19/20 season, on matchday 27, the barcelona he was the leader and had two points real Madrid. Until now, Black Enrichment valued all the games of the season, with the exception of the Clássico del Camp Nou. But after Covid their collaborations started to decline.

Interestingly, from matchday 30 of the 19/20 season, matchday in which the real Madrid leader is placed, Black Enrichment stopped valuing the matches of the barcelona where the bluegrana entity left dots. If he did this with other dates.

Black Enrichmentalthough his refereeing evaluations were common until matchday 27, also with the matches of the barcelonafailed to appreciate Barcelona’s 0-0 draw in seville where Barça lost the lead with gonzalez gonzalez as a referee. From then on, he didn’t rate any of Barça’s scoops until the end of the season.

He also didn’t value the draw in two against the Celtic of Vigo on the 32nd with Cuadra Fernandez, which turned out to be the last. Neither of the two valued the draw against the Atletico Madrid the next day with Hernandez Hernandez or the defeat of matchday 37 ahead osasuna with Sanchez Martinez.

Referees’ classification in the 19/20 season according to the evaluations of the Henrique Negreira:

1- Martinez Munuera

two- Alberola Rojas

3- Sanchez Martinez

4- Hernandez Hernandez

5- Fernandez Road

6- from the big hill

7- Gil Manzano

8- Mateu Lahoz

9- strong gonzalez

10- Jaime Latre

eleven- gonzalez gonzalez

12- Burgos Bengoetxea

13- Melero Lopez

14- lower grade

fifteen- Prieto Iglesias

16- Pizarro Gomez

17- vega lamb

18- Medié Jiménez

19- montero

twenty- Cuadra Fernandez