In the early hours of Tuesday, 2,000 students from 50 schools from all communities in Spain –with the exception of those governed by the Popular Party, Aragón and the Vasco- have participated in the pilot test of the new EBAU of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, which will start next year.

In it, students will have to reason more and memorize less. In this way, the knowledge acquired throughout the year can be put into practice and demonstrate that they really understand the subject. The changes are not drastic, but they represent an important change in the educational model established until then. The goal is “harmonize university entrance examswhich will begin to be implemented -progressively- in June 2024, with the jurisdictional character of the new curriculum”, highlighted the ministry.

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In this test, which lasts 105 minutes15 more than existing students from First of Bachelor’sTherefore, the content had to be adapted to the agenda of that course. Specifically, as common subjects they had Spanish Language and Literature I, Foreign Language I (English) and Philosophy; and, as disciplines of the modality, Artistic Drawing I, of the Arts modality; Latin I, from the Humanities and Social Sciences modality; and Mathematics I, in the Science and Technology modality.

The reasons why they decided to try out this academic level are simple: in order not to disturb the second-year Baccalaureate students – who in May they are the ones who will have to make their selection– and because to these same they won’t have to perform to the new EBAU model, so they will be the ones who are now in the first place to face it.

according to account The countryin the exam Spanish Language and Literature left deleted analysis phrases and questions that focus on detailing the characteristics of the literary movementslike the Generation of 27 or 98. However, it requires the production of a text of 300 words analyze its spelling and syntactic correctness and the decomposition of three texts from different times of tempus fugitive: A couplet by Jorge Manriquethe article ‘Die well alive’ by montero roseand a poster from the Ministry of Health in ageism.

the test of Mathematics proposes exercises whose resolution requires the use of different branches of the discipline, such as geometry and probabilistics, through three situations: one in the “Circuit Ricardo Tormo“, another about “some restoration works in the Cathedral of Zaragoza“, and the last on the “operation of a company of sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach”. In addition, this exam has a peculiarity: in the pilot test They used two test modelsto see which of the two adapts more easily to the students.

Likewise, that of Philosophy adds, for the first time, a text by a philosopher, Hannah Arendt of his work ‘The human condition’ and Bertrand Russell, a fragment of ‘History of Western Philosophy’. It also requires the two image analysis: a photograph of a work of art and a caricature drawn by a humorist. The first image, according to the media, tries to make students reflect on the environment, pollution and the impact it causes on human beings. The second image is intended for students to understand “human knowledge” by drawing a rhinoceros in the jungle, painting different figures from the perspective of this animal.

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the exam of English, has a listening comprehension test (Listening) on ​​”access to clean water and sanitary facilities in India”, noted Europa Press. It also has five questions in which students must give the correct option between four possible answers; they must fill in the blank in five sentences with one word; and make a writing test.

Six institutes from Catalonia, five from Asturias, Cantabria, La Rioja, Valencian Community, Castilla-La Mancha and the Canary Islands, four from the Balearic Islands, three from Navarra and Extremadura, two from Ceuta and two from Melilla.