Spring has already begun to arrive in the wardrobes of some of the royalty that dictate trends around the world. Despite not being hot yet, the weather seems to have given us a break and that also affects the looks of our favorite queens and princesses. There are several who have already started filling their looks with color -such as Doña Letizia, who seems to have fallen for the charms of pink in all its chromatic range-, but if there is one that stands out above the rest, it is undoubtedly this one. maxim of holland.

Maximum of Holland in Morocco.

the wife of king william He has always stood out for his peculiar way of understanding fashion. Argentina is not a reference in style per se, but it is capable of daring with any trend and masterfully defending it. This can apply not only to your appearance, but also to accessories. maxim of holland She is a true master of wearing risky, over-the-top jewelry and other accessories that someone else probably wouldn’t dare to wear.

Maximum of Holland in Morocco.

Well then, a few days after the presentation of the biopic focused on his life and finally revealing who will be in charge of putting himself in Argentina’s place in his youth -a production based on the work that Marcia Luyten published on the 50th anniversary of Máxima-, the wife of King Guillermo, put the earth in the middle and went to the African continent, specifically, to Morocco.

O Reina is in Morocco on a four-day trip in her role as UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development. It should not be forgotten that, before it became real, a large part of her career was oriented to the world of finance, so it is not surprising that in her official version she also oriented part of her work to this aspect. But, beyond institutional issues, the truth is that the exhibition of the consort’s attire is one of the things that has drawn the most attention on this trip. Something that, on the other hand, is not surprising.

Maximum of Holland in Morocco.

Once again, the Queen not only did not disappoint, but positively surprised with her ethnic-inspired looks, which are a show of color and joy in the recently launched season. From the Max Mara tie-dye look she wore upon arriving in Casablanca to the Etro tribal-inspired outfit she wore to one of the meetings, the queen’s entire bag is a showcase of perfect examples to note down. Of course, only for those who are not afraid to take risks.

Incidentally, although the Queen always tends to be impeccable with regard to her looks, in other matters such as make-up or hair, on this type of trip, Maxima offers a more natural and spontaneous image. In fact, on some occasions, we even saw her with her hair tied up in an undone bun and her face washed. This time, he didn’t go that far, but revealed a styling trick related to her manicure. And it is that, almost on the same day (during the night), the Queen appeared before the media with undone nails and disheveled hair, to wear impeccably painted red nails and combed hair. Undoubtedly, the advantages of having a hairdresser ‘on board’.

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