Prizes awarded during the preaching

Although the ceremony of the India Catalina Awards started at 8:00 pm, some statuettes were handed over after the preaching.

Best branded audiovisual content: El Frailejón Ernesto Pérez, character from the series “Cuenticos Mágicos” (Señal Colombia).

Best University Production: “The story behind things”, by Unimedios (National University of Colombia).

Best edit: Carlos Rincón and Laura Gómez for “Kuntur, the messenger of the sun” (Canal TRO).

Best photograph: Arturo Almanza, for the documentary “Las voces del río” (Señal Colombia).

Best Art Direction: Diego Guarnizo for “Las Villamizar” (Caracol Television).

Best Musical Direction: Juancho Valencia for “The Symphony of Strangers” (Teleantioquia).

Best Sound Design: Diego Cáceres and Camilo Pérez for “The symphony of the weirdos” (Teleantioquia).

Best Child Talent: Abel Villa by “Leandro Díaz” (RCN Television).

Best Youth Production: “Outcasts” (Epic Studios and MinTIC).

Best Children’s Program: third season of “Magic Territory” (Señal Colombia).

Best journalistic and/or opinion production: The informants (Snail Television).

Best sports production: Goal by Caracol for the World Cup in Qatar (Caracol Television).

Best Sports Announcer: Georgina Ruiz Sandoval for the program “Goga rolls around the world” (Señal Colombia).

Best webfiction series: “Pombs, the university of corruption” (Riaño Productions).

Best reality show: “Celebrity Masterchef” (RCN Television).

Best documentary series: “Rebel Nation” (Señal Colombia).

Best regional or local news: “City News” (CityTV).

Best Presenter: Claudia Palacios (CM&, Canal One).

Best variety production: “I Know Everything” (Channel One).

Best comedy audiovisual production: third season of “Magic Territory” (Señal Colombia).

The India Catalina Awards gala kicks off with a live performance from Puerto Candelaria. It continues, with some videos of notable people who were gold statuette winners.

Laura Barjum and Manuel González are the hosts this evening, who highlight the awards that will be given to actresses Alejandra Borrero and Juanita Acosta.

Jorge Cárdena and Ana Lucía Domínguez presented the award for Best Supporting Actor. Jacques Touckmania was the one who took the statuette for “The Symphony of the Crazy”. “I want to thank my mom for the times she supported me in this race, when she didn’t support me,” he said.

Karla Cajamarca received the award for “Best Supporting Actress” for “La Sinfonia de los bichosraros”. The actress was not present at the statuette reception ceremony.

“Las voces del río”, from Señal Colombia, won the award for Best Documentary. “A documentary that shows us the importance of our beloved river”, said one of the people who received the award.

Best Audiovisual Production

“El Frailejón Ernesto Pérez”, by Señal Colombia, was awarded in the Best Audiovisual Production category. The character took the stage and dedicated a few words of thanks.

Frailejón Ernesto Pérez, the viral character who defends the paramos of Colombia

Photo: RTVC Public Media System / EFE – RTVC Public Media System

Best transmedia production

Alejandra Azcárate was the one who presented the award in the Best Transmedia Production category, which was granted through a QR code. However, they gave him the wrong envelope, so he had to wait for the correct one to be delivered.

Finally, “Nação Rebelde”, by Señal Colombia, won the statuette. “This is for my students and my alumni worth dreaming about,” said the recipient of the award.

Juan Manuel Restrepo introduced Kaleb Acab, a Mexican actor who played Vicente Fernández in the series “El Rey”, who sang “Ay, Chabela” on stage.

“For me it was something wonderful”: Kaled Acab tells his experience at El Rey, Vicente Fernández

Best audiovisual music production

“Nación Rebelde”, by Señal Colombia, was awarded again, but this time in the Best Audiovisual Musical Production category.

Rebel Nation RTVC – A story that must be told

Best Director or Director of Fiction

Actor Juan Fernando Sánchez was in charge of presenting the award for Best Fiction Director. The statuette was awarded to Lucho Velasco and Pipe Vallejo by Canal TRO’s “Strength Shirt”.

best fiction screenplay

Actor Juan Fernando Sánchez also presented the award for Best Fiction Script and, once again, it was Canal TRO’s “T-shirt for Strength” who received the golden statuette. “When you write a script, it’s a leap of faith,” said Pipe Vallejo.

Best Social Inclusion Production

The award in the Best Production of Social Inclusion category went to “La sinfonía de los Bichos Raros” by Teleantioquia. “When we love difference, we are actually honoring life”, said one of the people who took the stage to receive the award.

Best digital audiovisual content creator

Felipe Saruma won the award for Best Digital Audiovisual Content Creator, although he was not present at the ceremony.

Felipe Saruma, digital content creator.

Photo: Instagram

Best Variety Production Host

Claudia Bahamón was the winner in the Best Variety Production Host category for MasterChef Celebrity. He took the stage with his children and took the opportunity to thank them. She also dedicated the statuette to Canal RCN, her mother and husband, among others.

Claudia Bahamón, host of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’.

Photo: Andrés Espinosa – Andrés Espinosa

Best New Actor or Actress of the Year

Singer Silvestre Dangond won the India Catalina for Best New Actor or Actress of the Year for “Leandro Díaz”. The artist was not present at the ceremony. His parents and his brother were the ones who received the statuette.

Silvestre Dangond in the series ‘Leandro Díaz’.

Photo: Courtesy Canal RCN – Courtesy Canal RCN

Crowd favorite top talent

In the Best Public Favorite Talent category, actor Mario Espitia won the India Catalina award for his performance in “Leandro Díaz”. “It’s rare for an antagonist to be nominated for Best Audience Favorite Talent,” he said.

Mario Espitia, Colombian actor.

Photo: The Spectator – Gustavo Torrijos

Tribute to artists who are no longer here

As is common at the Oscars, India Catalina also had a space to remember the artists and personalities who died last year. While playing the song “Volverte a ver” by Juanes, images of characters such as Edgardo Román, Ciro Durán, Fabio Restrepo, Dora Cadavid, Roberto Triana, Jaime Barbini, Fernando Laverde, Marceliano Rodríguez, Jorge Alfonso Zuluaga, Martha Bossio, Manuel Eduardo Suárez , Felipe Solarte, Luis Alfredo Sánchez, Luis Fernando Múnera, among others.

Edgardo Román was an actor trained in the academy, on stage, who represented what the old actors represent, the art of acting, of transfiguring.

Photo: Via Instagram

Best Lead Actress

Mariana Gómez was awarded Best Lead Actress for “Arelys Henao: I Can’t Cry”. “I don’t want to overdo it, you tell me when I have to stop because I talk a lot,” he said. He thanked Caracol Televisión for the opportunity to lead the audiovisual production. “Acting is such a passion that I can’t explain how I feel about this profession. They spent many years pedaling ”, he added.

Mariana Gómez plays Arelys Henao from 17 to 30 years old.


In the Best Leading Actor category, the winner was Diego León Hoyos for “El Cubo Inquisidor”. The actor was not present at the ceremony.

RTVCPlay launches this interactive web series The INQUISITOR CUBE II

Victor Nieto Lifetime Award

This year, the Víctor Nieto Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Alejandra Borrero. “The award for life generates many feelings. The first thing I want to say is that this is an award for love, for the passion that this profession generates in me (…) Being an actor is not easy. Today I am with my family. Receiving a lifetime award with parents is wonderful. Thank you, above all, to the audience who have loved me all these years. The public is what keeps us here. Make your dreams come true: we all deserve where we are”, were some of the words he uttered.

Alejandra Borrero’s first role on television was in the telenovela “Azúcar”. Carlos Mayolo directed the project.

Photo: FICCI Archive

Best Audience Favorite Production

“Leandro Díaz” won the India Catalina Award for Best Audience Favorite Production. Artists Silvestre Dangond and Mario Espitia had already received statuettes during the ceremony for their roles in this same series.

Silvestre Dangond during one of the episodes of ‘Leandro Díaz’, the series he stars in.

Photo: Courtesy RCN – Robert Villalobos – Courtesy RCN – Robert Villalobos

Mariana Gómez interprets “My angel is gone”

Mariana Gómez sang the song “Se fue mi ángel” by Arelys Henao. “I want to pay a very special tribute to the war victims,” ​​he said before starting his presentation.

Special Award for International Trajectory in the Audiovisual Industry

Alejandra Borrero was the one who presented Juana Acosta with the Special Prize for International Trajectory in the Audiovisual Industry. “This award was invented for you, because you deserve it, Juanita,” said Borrero.

“What a happiness to be here tonight (…). It is an honor for me to receive this recognition and that it is in Cartagena, the city where I premiered my first film. I left wanting to conquer the world, believing that it was possible to work in Europe. It’s a path I didn’t walk alone. (…) I think it takes a lot of courage to make cinema in a reality as complex as ours”, said Juana Acosta after receiving the statuette.

Juanita Acosta during the 2023 Goya Awards ceremony.

Photo: Getty Images

Best Fiction Miniseries

In the Best Fiction Miniseries category, India Catalina won “La sinfonía de los bichos Raros” by Teleantioquia. “Equity must be a premise of life. (…) Loving ourselves is a gift”, said one of the people who took the stage to receive the award.

“The truth revealed” took the prize in the category of Best Fiction.

A story of fiction, photography and memory in ‘The revealed truth’ | News Link Thirteen

Best Long Fiction

The last award of the night went to the third season of “Territorio Mágico”, from Señal Colombia, in the Best Feature Film category.