Jose Luis Mendilibar He has been the man of the week. A week without football in which the Seville FC He took the opportunity to make a strategic move on the bench and hand over the team’s reins to a coach who is used to companies that no one expected at Nervión.

Zaldívar’s ended the week at goal to goalin southern television channel, recognizing that coaching Sevilla is one of the biggest challenges of his career. “That’s right, one of the greatest coaches I’ve ever coached, who always have a very high goal, because they’ve done well in recent years, both in LaLiga and in the Europa League. Let’s try to keep everything as it was until recently ”, trusting.

In addition, Mendilibar expressed his confidence in the squad he has led since last Tuesday. “You see the players on TV, the gestures they make and you think you know them. So you see them on a daily basis, and they are people who accept correction, who accept what you say, and in that sense I have found players willing to go up and see something new”.

Mendilibar, in this Thursday’s session (Photo: Kiko Hurtado).

Mendilibar has touched on many other issues since his early days at Nervión.

Did you expect the call from Sevilla? “No. As we are, already at the end of the season, I was thinking more about the next one. Let’s see if I sign a team and manage to start from pre-season, but at this moment I thought that we were not going to train, that this year was going blank . At the last minute, we hit the jackpot.”

believe him. “They were looking forward to a change, not a change of coach, but they also need something. They are accepting very well what we are proposing, and I would like them to see these people train when the selections come back and see a small change”.

Character. “I think so. They are mentally depressed because of the situation in the team. With the soft player or things go and everything goes well… but if they go wrong you have to bring out your personality. It is important that the captains, the more veteran ones, show their faces and the others will follow”.

Take a team mid-season. “It’s the third time. We’ve been in the First Division for 15-16 years, it was once with Osasuna and once with Alavés. It’s better to find a good squad, because if you hit the bull’s-eye it will come out, in another team it might cost more. If I squeeze the key, I’m sure we’ll come out ahead. I see them wanting to leave”.

Having the ball for having it. “With ownership you have to separate other things. Arriving, finishing… if you have possession and the opponent hits you more often…”.

First Message. “The tranquility, the green, trying to do things well in training, without rushing. Try to make things as simple as possible, don’t complicate things. The most important thing is that the mistakes are as few as possible, and what you need to do is play it cool. I think players will like it.”

The idea. “Football changes a lot. Most want to start playing at the back, with the defenders very close to the goalkeeper, they play a lot with the goalkeeper. It’s the opposite, I like being closer to the opponent’s goal, which can also harm you. If you stay close to your goal for a long time, you see the opponent very far away”.

The pass back. “Everyone wants to take as little risk as possible. The security pass everyone talks about. What it is? Back? Sometimes we play without looking, it could be an opponent, he picks it up and scores. In football there are no safe passes, any opponent can rob you and we have to be smart, above all”.

trust to be saved. “Of course. With the existing squad, the tranquility with which we have to leave, how well we are going to do it. It is a setback this year and with the rivals they are at a disadvantage, because they are used to being there. The advantage that Sevilla has is the quality of the players”.

The greatness of Seville. “People are thinking about winning the UEFA Europa League. It’s what a great team has. I am convinced that in Europe Sevilla is more respected than in LaLiga, for what they have done in the Europa League, with many recent titles. In Manchester they will feel like favourites, but with respect for Sevilla. I didn’t spend time with them. Anything”.

Mendilibar, in his presentation for Sevilla (Photo: Kiko Hurtado).

Mendilibar’s future. “We came just for these months. I know that if things go well we can stay, but I don’t want to mortgage. It puts in the contract that if I save the category I stay… I can save it and not have feeling. I prefer the season to end, if you have to talk, talk, if not, delighted and we leave and nothing happens. Years ago I signed for one plus one, but at Eibar I started signing from year to year. If things go well, it’s normal that we stay. They kick you out of some places, but I’ve been at Osasuna for four years, four years at Valladolid, six at Eibar. It’s hard for me to leave places where I’m good.”

Start off on the right foot in Cádiz. “For starters, we don’t plan on failing. It may happen. They signed us for a longer period, not for one game. It would be very good for us to win, mainly because of the player’s confidence. Let’s see first how the people who are out with the teams are doing, to see how we prepare the week. The good thing about arriving ten days in advance, which is normal to play two days later, is to have time to get to know each other”.

Marcão and the problems in defense. “It will not be in Cádiz. It’s not coming. First there were sales, then you bring people, some at the last minute, injuries… they’ve already played with central midfielders. In that sense, they were unlucky and realized it. It’s not just a defense problem, if you don’t defend well it’s because you don’t defend well from up there. Everything goes together.”

two attackers. “I don’t know if the players or the system allow you to be more offensive or not. It’s the idea you have to pass on to the player. Our game has to be a little more outward, try to make crosses, at certain times we can play with two forwards. In this team there are only two specifics, there is not a third in the chamber, and you also have to count on that. We are not closed to anything”.

Save yourself or win the Europa League. “The most important thing is salvation. Goes to club life to continue another year in the First Division. For me, as a coach, winning a UEFA Cup can be a big thing, but for the club the most important thing is to keep going. They are worried, because the fans haven’t seen each other for many years and they realize that. It’s normal. With confidence that things are going to work out, but when you talk to them you get that tremor a little bit.”