With summer just around the corner, Mercadona recovers one of its best ice creams

the season is coming summer so certainly many of the customers of Mercadona They will start looking in their fridges for the ice creams, and fresh products that cannot be missing in the warm months. And on this occasion, more than one will be happy because Mercadona has recovered the star product that it had withdrawn months ago. An ice cream that was a “top seller” in its time and is now available again.

Mercadona recovers its star ice cream

the chain of supermarkets Mercadona decided to reintroduce on its shelves the star product of two summers ago, the Hacendado mango ice cream. This product, which had been withdrawn a few months ago, is now available again in all the chain’s establishments and in its online store to the delight of Mercadona’s “Bosses” as it is considered one of its best ice creams.


In fact, Hacendado mango ice cream has become one of the most sought-after products during the summer months, thanks to its refreshing taste and its low fat and calorie content. For this reason, many Mercadona customers were disappointed when the chain withdrew this product from the shelves, something that, on the other hand, occurred alongside the withdrawal of other ice creams, which also (and many cross their fingers) could follow the same path and come back shortly.

In the case of this particular ice cream, the company decided to listen to the demands of its consumers and returned to include Hacendado mango ice cream in its product catalogue. In addition, it did so with a very attractive offer: a box of 10 units of ice cream for just 2.20 euros.

This offer is attractive not only for its price, but also for the quality of this product. Hacendado mango sorbet is made with ingredients such as mango puree, as well as water and sugar. What is more, its soft and creamy texture makes it the perfect ice cream to enjoy on warmer days.

In short, the return of Hacendado mango ice cream to Mercadona supermarkets is great news for ice cream lovers and for those looking for high quality products at affordable prices. Without a doubt, this product will again be one of the best sellers of the summer season.