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The next two races will be key: if the German brand sees that Aston Martin is performing at its best with its engines, it will turn to the team

“We can throw our car away,” said Mercedes director Toto Wolff, furious after the Bahrain race.

We can throw our car awayhe snapped furiously Toto WolffMercedes team director, in an interview with Servus TV after the race in Bahrain.

The head of the Austrian team emphasized the abysmal differences of the new W14 from hamilton and russel with the Red Bulls Verstappen and Perezbut forgot to mention that Fernando Alonso, with an Aston Martin equipped with a Mercedes engine, also clearly outperformed them on the track.

While the German media talks about the ultimatum to the technical director of Mercedes, Mike Elliot, Spanish expert José M. Zapico goes one step further in his article for ‘theobjective.com’ and guarantees that the next two races, in Jeddah and Australia, will be fundamental for a possible change of strategy: If Hamilton and Russell don’t get results and Alonso maintains his competitive level, Mercedes can resort to its option with Aston Martin and give him its best engines to fight for the title.


the official team He solved the problem that weighed them down so much in 2022, but at the moment he also did not find the speed they expected in his W14 car, after the previous one almost managed to catch Ferrari in its evolution in the last races of last year. There is tension in the team headquarters and it is said that heads will start to roll soon, starting with the aerodynamics section.

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The best engine I’ve had Lewis Hamilton at the inaugural test in Bahrain, for example, delivered 3Kw more than the best Aston Martinwhich equals about four horsepower.

But that trend could shift in Aston Martin’s favor if the star brand understands that the Mercedes team won’t win races with them, but Aston Martin could.


According to the article published by ‘theobjective.com’, Every time Alonso gets into his car, he asks the engine engineer he’s been given a very specific engine map that’s different from all the others. “Alonso is the only one of the drivers who use Mercedes engines to use the motor map in this way. It is the most skillful formula when it comes to using energy and recovering it. shows intelligence on his part. You have to understand it very well to use it correctly on the track. Let’s say that in turns 12 and 13 in Bahrain he managed that extra power. Other drivers used it preferentially elsewhere, on the track straights at all, to have more speed maximum. It’s a simpler view. He increased his when it was time to take a turn, where no one else did.”

Aston Martin engine for Formula 1 in 2023

Aston Martin engine for Formula 1 in 2023 | DAVID BOTI

Alonso has many values ​​behind the wheel, but the best of all is the experience. With two decades in the category, no one has the ability to analyze, understand the races and even control what rivals are doing. All this can end up having a payoff.