Cinesa launches monthly and annual subscriptions for unlimited moviegoing at its Puerto Venecia and GranCasa centers

Cultural vouchers, on public transport and now To go to the movies. Although, in this case, they are fertilizers promoted by the private sectorour pockets will save a lot of money if, above all, we are lovers of the Seventh Art.

It is about a unique initiativewhich is already enjoyed in other countries such as the United States, and which arrives in our country for, among other reasons, guaranteeing access to cinema for all audiences and at a much cheaper rate.

is a measure that released in all cinemas that Cinesa has in Spain. There are two in the Aragonese capital (there were rooms in the Centro Comercial Augusta for years): port venicethe latest and big housethe oldest rooms.

Currently, except for promotions on Wednesdays and Sundays, or at the Film Festival, with tickets between €3 and €6 depending on the discount, the tickets usually cost between 7 and 9 euros.

These are the prices and modalities of the subscriptions that will be available in cinemas in Zaragoza

the program of subscriptions to go to the movies unlimitedone is calledUnlimitedCard‘. These bonuses can be buy from aprilcoinciding with the Holy Weekat the Cinesa website or at the cinema box office. It is unknown if a profile will be required or other details that will be released in the coming weeks.

Of course, it must be taken into account that there will be various types of fertilizers: O a month It is Yearly and, within each period type, there will be two formats: he Standard it’s him Lux. The first, to go to the movies with less comfort and, the second, to enjoy the best rooms with armchairs.

What monthly and annual subscriptions look like: Standard and Luxe

Firstly, the UNLIMITED PATTERN will it be him monthly bonus that will cost €15.90 per month and will entitle you to access all non-luxury rooms throughout Spain for that price. Of course, VIP seats are included here. If you want to see a Luxe or Premium movie, you can watch it, but paying a supplement.

In case of UNLIMITED LUX, allows access to the entire Cinesa standard circuit and also to the LUXE lounges, which have the best seats in all of Spain. The price, in this case, will be 18.90 euros per month.

Payments in both formats will be monthly, unreleased films will be available and, in addition, you will be entitled, with a special pricefor the Menu Classic.

Also, there will be annual bonuses to save monthly payments, which will also be available from the month of April. the price will be € 149 for the first first payment and 189 euros per year for LUXE. No promotion will be 190.80 euros per year or €226.80 for the Luxe.

For now, I know does not know what measures the other cinemas in the Aragonese capital will take, such as Palafox Cinemas, with theaters in Aragonia, Cervantes and Independencia, which will not have discounts or season tickets. It should be noted that Cines Yelmo, in Plaza Imperial, has already closed in the shopping area and that Torre Outlet also has cinemas thanks to Artesiete.