Fifth: Short in shape, with a neck and collar, the size of pythons, slightly camouflaged, slimmer in shape than its brethren. receive Julian López ‘El Juli’ to Veronica, gaining ground, taking the attack with very little cover, lowering her hand and throwing all her body weight to luck. It is answered in the first punch, because soon the chipper raises the stick. remove again the july for Veronica, at the same time as the ‘cuvil’ he loses his zeal along the way. The punch was barely aimed at him in the second encounter. join the fray rock king by chicuelinas and tafalleras without making amends. Raise the field in the afternoon. The Real Madrid right-hander offers the task to the public. kneel down begins to Juli andon the terrain of the tercio, with crutches in the right hand in turns. In that same terrain, the july He gives a series in his right hand with a lot of control and a low hand, demanding from the horned one from Cádiz that although he humiliates, he also does not give in and on trips he constantly turns his face, leaning on his hands.

Living room: The fourth is best done with short hands, pointing straight ahead. In the first bars of receiving the layer of resident of Puebla, he breaks his left hand and is stabbed to death in the ring. The hat comes out, coarser in shape, with a lot of body and breasts, seriously. Place your hands in front of the mantle of Puebla residentdoes not slip. It’s hard for him to move, rescheduled and with some sign of being out of tune. A lot of braking, with quarters of attack and with a very bad style, bumping. The public begins to protest against the density of the bullfight. Expect a lot from all cities during the third of banderillas. Taurus without any option, only the machete. He doesn’t even attack with the crutch in the face. He puts his hand with skill and brevity in the face of null options.

Third: Long, uphill, although the third closes the face. stretches rock king to Veronica, gaining ground. It shows little strength in its charge. It is allowed to drill in the third of the rods. In the tercio de banderillas, he strides towards the cities and attacks with the python inside. start rock king the work of the crutch in the right hand, one by one, allowing time and space between crutch and crutch, with the engagement of the crutch slightly delayed at the hip. It does not convey the horn of Cádiz iron, which also cannot be tied to two crutches in a row. Cleanliness of the Peruvian, which, however, fails to reach the public due to the sparse breed of the bull. Leave a lunge in a good place.

Second: Good spell bull the second, short, necked, peach-colored cape. Opens, calms and strikes the python from within the mantle of Julian López ‘El Juli’. Taurus in excellent condition, but quite strong. Also, as it settles down, it looks more fragile, but it never loses its hands. Very smart paves the way for him the july at the beginning of the slaughter with a bull that continues to show its good conditions. The confusion begins on the ground of the tercio, straight, without demanding, reinforcing the attack. In the second, with a more irregular rhythm after losing his hands on some occasion. He wants more than he can Nunez del Cuvillo, whose strength prevents the work from rising in tone. Leave a lunge on the second attempt.

First: Bull slightly detached from the ground, with rennet and body. stick it Puebla resident to veronica, coming out to the media. The first olés sound. The bull is long, although it does not show much strength. It is permissible to hit the horse. He loses hands from time to time. The protests begin. He blames his excess kilos. It has nobility at the beginning of the line and half height of Puebla resident, but the bull has difficulty. The horn collapses very early, it barely allows for several plots on the ground from the tables one by one and a half upwards. Always opening the impulse with the wrists. Click on a first try. Short lunge in good place on the second try.

Celebration sheet:

Hierro de Núñez del Cuvillo – Spainthe bullring Royal Maestranza of Cavalry of Seville. Bullfight on Easter Sunday. Full of ‘No Tickets’. bulls of Núñez del Cuvillo,

MORANTE DE PUEBLAsilence and silence.


KING ROCKsilence.

Incidents: At the end of the tour, there was a moment of silence in memory of Rafael Jiménez ‘Chicuelo’. Francisco Durán ‘Chip’ dismounted after matching the third, in which the fight of Antonio Chacon.