Alvaro Morata debuted with the Spanish national team in November 2014, in a 3-0 victory over Belarus in Huelva. He entered the field with 10 minutes to go, instead of bait, which put Colombino on his feet for his game and a great goal. That night, the captain of the Spanish team was Casillas Iker, which put his game count at 159 games. It was a team with another centenary (Sergio Ramos123 that day), another who didn’t play that day (102 totaled iniesta) and two that were on their way to becoming one (Busquets e Silvathe canary did not play either).

Now, with 61 appearances, Morata is the first captain of the Spanish national team. The 7 takes over from Sergio Busquets, who decided to leave the national team after the World Cup in Qatar. Since Casillas passed the 100th cap in November 2009, that responsibility has fallen to players with more than 100 caps for Spain when they become the first captain of the national team: Sergio Ramos and Sergio Busquets.

Morata and his mess on the field tie for the first captaincy: “The referee showed me the coin and…”

no star

The arrival of Luis de la Fuente to the national team marks a turning point. the resignation of Busquets makes the world champions in 2010 already a memory. The same thing happens to those who two years later won the Euro in Kyiv. The same happens with the presence of players with 100 matches or the closest thing: jordi albawith his 91 caps for Spain.

When iniesta sewed the star on the shirt of the national team, morata He was 17 years old and was making the leap from under 17 to under 19. In July 2012 he started flirting with under 21.

morata This week he makes his debut as captain in Las Rozas, a position he has been absorbing in a process in which he has been a bridge between young people, due to his character, and veterans, his destiny. “I’m in all the groups. If I have to get involved with them to play ping-pong or Play, I do, although I’ve lost practice a bit. I’m also loving it when I’m at the table with the veterans”, he explained to BRAND during the Qatar World Cup.

But stepping onto the pitch with the Spain captain’s armband won’t be new for the Spanish striker. Atletico Madrid. A year ago, in the 2-1 draw with Albania in the friendly played in cornella, it was he who led the departure of the Spanish team. And he left an anecdote when asked about the experience: “I didn’t even know what I had to do. When the referee showed me the coin I was going to take it, imagine… They helped me and it’s an experience that has been going on for many years and effort behind”.

Casillas, the great captain

The first captain that the Spanish national team had was a Biscay beautiful, from which they say he had to take refuge in France after shouting at a PNV rally “death to Spain”. His is the famous phrase “for me the squadron, Sabino, who dominated them”, mother of what was called red fury.

This is how the National Team says goodbye to Busquets: “A myth that is already a Legend”

Who played the most games as team captain is Casillas Iker. In September 2004, against Scotland, away from Levante, it was his debut as captain. It was the second game Luis Aragones in charge of the Spanish team, and five days later the qualifying phase for the germany world cup. The madridista coach rested Raúl (who came on and scored a penalty just before the suspension), which meant that Iker, who on that day, aged 23 years and three months, reached 41 with the senior team. It was a difficult opening. Torrential rains and a blackout ended the friendly. In the archives there was a tie at one (Raúl and Baraja, the latter in his own goal) and that the French referee Bré had to stop in the 59th minute. Up to 104 times in his 167 games he started boxes as a Spanish captain.

On the path you now take morata, Sergio Ramos (55 out of 180) is second in the ranking of captaincies, in which Sergio Busquets left him with 20 out of 143.

Address 30; the rest 31